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AircoThought weak HF was the problem.

Airco heliwelder v 300 amp tig., 12:17 AM. Long time welder new to the site. I need some help on this 1986 airco heliwelder v 300amp tig serial #. 223 Taylor Street, Suite 128 Punta Gorda, FL 33950. Phone: (678) 971-5545 Fax: (678) 541-8773. Get Free Airco 150 Dc Manual airco 300 amp. Airco Heliwelder V Manual - airco welder owners manual - Bing DC Airco brings you: DC powered Heating, Venting & Cooling - Air conditioning for Battery - Equipment room's, cabinet's, and shelter's Our equipment and battery room's are always protected against high temperature and Page 10/23.

I got the new caps for the HiFreq. installed...
Less spectacular improvements than I was hoping for.
HiFreq is 'somewhat' stronger, but on Alu. it still does weird things.
It acts 'cold' even on high range.

Airco 300 Heliwelder V Manual

There is not an abundance of cleaning action, and the puddle is sooty.
Makes no difference if I clean everything rabidly, or not.
Then there's the ever present weirdness where the puddle seems to 'vibrate'
or hop up and down about .040 or so, plus the arc has that buzzing sound that
goes along with the vibrating. When it's doing that, it acts real cold, sooty and
hard to get the puddle to even get shiny.
3 things I suspect:
1.Torch is sucking air, or bad bottle of Argon.Manual
Manual2. My aluminum service wire is not delivering enough amps, or somehow primary
voltage is dropping off.
3. Internal problems.......other caps, or ????

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Also weird that some days it will act quite hot with a smooth sounding arc,
then other days......what I described above.
I have an old air cooled Linde torch around someplace, I will try that just for chance.
Any ideas what the problem could be?

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Appreciate any ideas.