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I am making a assassin or spy character and need some help. I think I have it all thought out but skill points are tight and I would just like someone else's opinion.
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So Here it is.

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The overall concept is an assassin or a Spy type character that focuses on revolvers and a sniper rifle but has some training in melee and unarmed. He will lack in charisma because he isn't used to talking to people he just kills them if he is an assassin, If I go with a spy character though I think I will make him charismatic. The only reason I am debating this is because I typically take Black widow for the amusing speech options, does lady killer have the same amount of options? Sneak, Guns, and lock pick will be my tag skills. Repair will be another skill I focus on. Explosives, melee, and unarmed will have some points with melee at least getting 45. I may work up speech but not past 50. Survival will go to 45 for a perk. Barter, Energy weapons, medicine and Science will just stay at there base score. I'm not sure how I should divide up the points per level, any ideas?
S: 6
I:9 (I'm unsure if I should bump it up to ten or just buy the implant but at level 30 10 only gives 15 extra skill points.)

New Vegas Stealth Suit Mk2

A:4 (+1 from small frame 5)
L: 9
Implants: Luck, agility, Sub-dermal armor, strength, and Intelligence or endurance
Small Frame
Unsure about the second one, I thought about good natured but I want to be decent in all weapons except energy.
2:Rapid reload or Lady Killer
6:travel light

Assassin Suit Fallout New Vegas Console Commands

8:The Professional
12:silent running
14:Jury Rigging
16:Better Criticals
20: Ninja If I have the points in melee otherwise cowboy

New Vegas Assassin Build

22:Super Slam
24: Toughness
26: Toughness
Assassin Suit Fallout New Vegas28:handloader

Fallout New Vegas Assassin Suit Helmet

30:weapon handling
Thanks, if you took the time to look it over, what's your overall opinion on the build, any changes you would make, ect. What do you think the special, tag and traits should be?
Thanks for any help.