Auto Fx Software Dreamsuite Pro Photographic Edges V6.03 For Mac

The Auto FX Software: DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 for Mac is a suite of powerful visual effects that allow anyone, professionals or novices alike, to create beautiful images and artwork. DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 lets you achieve visual results that are difficult or impossible to attain using any other software. AutoFX, the company behind the superb frames and edge effects plug-ins, have developed a new visual effects application that works as a plug in for programs such as Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. LRMEXPORT625123323962 by Namirk from Black challenge: Rocky Top Mt. By Uloo from Best Photo of the Week. Stairway To Coloured Heaven by wam7.

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When using DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1, the user can create one of the largest varieties of artistic expression with their digital images in the market today. The creativity that can be produced and furthered through the use of DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 can range from old fashion photos to mosaics to a water color painting and everywhere in between. This is the perfect product for any Graphic Designer as the user can generate images with high impact on a click-and-get basis with ease. Many of the effects can be produced with very little time or work on the user’s behalf.
With 44 filters, DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 is one of the largest products for expressive digital enhancement helping the user create one of a kind artistic images desired. The filters provided are Artistic Effects, Graphic Effects, Photo Effects One and Photo Effects Two and each section has at least ten different filters contained within.
DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 can provide Photographers of any level or the Graphic Artist and Designers a comprehensive solution to putting their most creative work out for view. The tools provided on the interface give the user total creative control to produce spectacular final images.
Contained within DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 are the Artistic Effects. These include Watercolor, Color Pencil, Cartoon, and Quill Pen as well as other creative filters in different artistic areas. These can help the user take their digital images from the ordinary to works of art with minimal effort.
Another group of effects within DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 are the Graphic Effects. These amazing effects can be used to uniquely stylize images that can be rendered on words, phrases, letters or rasterized images.
Finally, the DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 provides the user two sections of effects called Photo Effects One and Photo Effects Two. These sets of filters allow the user to create one of a kind images that help the user display his artistic thoughts. From Puzzle Pieces to Mosaic to Crackle and Deckle, all of these filters give the user the creative flow with uncommon realistic results seen with many click-and-get digital enhancement solutions.

* DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 interface shown.

The interface is intuitive allowing the user to choose any one of the 44 effects easily and step back with undo features if the user did not achieve the desired result. The effects panel contains all necessary slider controls to the left. One of DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 most powerful features is its resolution-independence. The user can experiment with their digital images by saving their settings as a preset. Later if desired, the user can apply their saved presets to any future digital images. This is perfect for high-end batch processing which can reduce the time to production considerably. Presets are maintained on your hard disk as individual files so they can be shared across either Windows or Mac platforms if you produce your final images on either.

System Requirements - works with

Macintosh OS:
OS 10.5 - 10.9.2 / PPC or Intel OS:
Memory: 2 GB Disk Space: 2 GB RAM
Windows OS:
XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Memory: 2 GB Disk Space: 2 GB RAM
32 and 64 bit Win Versions
Photoshop Plugin Support:
V6.03Adobe Photoshop: CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC
32 and 64 bit Versions
Photoshop Elements:
8 / 9 / 10 / 11
32 bit Version
Corel Paintshop Pro:
Corel Draw X5 / X6
32 bit Version
Corel Draw:
Corel Draw X4 / X5 / X6
32 bit Version

Auto FX Software - DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1

Photoshop Plug-ins

Auto Fx Software Dreamsuite Pro Photographic Edges V6.03 For Mac Os

The brand new Photoshop plug-in DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 uses the latest advancements in graphic design technology to precisely affect the final quality rendered digital images desired in practically any graphical situation. Whether you need to make an unusable image good, a good image better or give a great image that extra special touch, Auto FX Software delivers the results consistently each time.
With 44 different filters to select from, it is truly amazing that you can count on each filter stacked and applied consistently, providing perfect results time and time again. Any Photoshop CS-CC or Photoshop Elements user will adapt quickly to DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1.
Auto fx software dreamsuite pro photographic edges v6.03 for mac os

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Here are some of the Visual Enhancements the User Can Perform with DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 by Auto FX Software

The DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 application features easy to use graphic art and artistic effects which require minimal tweaking to provide dramatic and beautiful results very quickly. They are easy to apply and provide the desired effect with easy sliders. The Photo and Graphic Effects provide unique design examples; on par with more traditional filters available in Photoshop.

Auto Fx Software Dreamsuite Pro Photographic Edges V6.03 For Mac

Cartoonist — Turn any Digital Image Into a Cartoon
Make Children's Books or Illustrations and Fine Tune with Sliders

Crackle — Create a Crackling Effect and Adjust Separation -
Create Desert Cracked Earth or Crackling as Seen in Paintings
Crystal Painter — Brush on Translucent Depth on Images or Text -
Brush on Translucent Depth Effects on your Digital Images or Rasterized Text Effects.
Dimension-X — Provide an Amazing 3D Effect to any Rasterized Text or Graphic -
With the Advanced Bevelling profiles, the user has the tools to create some jaw dropping images. Control the Depth, Angle and Surface Types as well as Refection of Bevels for a Realistic Look.

Dreamy Photo — Turns your Images Into Something out of a Dream. -

Create a Soft Romantic Feel, a Warm Feel, or Simply a Mercurial or Mysterious feel to any Image.

Auto Fx Software Dreamsuite Pro Photographic Edges V6.03 For Macular Degeneration

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Auto Fx Software Dreamsuite Pro Photographic Edges V6.03 For Macbook Air

The 44 filters in DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 are organized in the following categories: Artistic Effects, Photo Effects One, Photo Effects Two, and Graphic Effects. Each filter allows the user to change several attribute sliders for dramatically different effects.

Easily combine filters from different effect categories stacking them on top of each other and re-arrange their order of effects in the layer palette for different looks.
The user can save the effect settings of their creations as Layer Presets to use again with other digital images. Mystical Focus Gen1 comes with hundreds of pre-made customized presets that you can apply instantly to your digital images as well.

For more visual examples visit Auto FX Software and see what the many DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 effects can do for your digital image enhancement needs.

Effects Examples Continued...

Hot Stamp — Add Creative Glows and Color Blends to Rasterized Type or Graphic -
Control the Way Glowing Effects Mesh with Blended Edges for Bright Expressions.
Gel Painter — Apply Specific Desired Gel-Like Effects -
Brush on Gel Accompanied by Depth of Colors and Patterns on rasterized text and graphics.

While DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 is extremely useful for professionals who can enhance multiple photos efficiently with the use of presets, it is also just plain fun to use for hobby photographers and digital scrap-bookers who want to create unique ways to present their enhanced digital images.

Auto Fx Software Dreamsuite Pro Photographic Edges V6.03 For MacLiquid Metal — Apply Metal and Chrome Looks -
Generate Metal to any Rasterized Type or Graphic Creating Flowing Liquid to Hard Based Metal Looks.
Metal Mixer — Customize the Desired Metal Look by Adding an Accent Color or Texture -
Metal Mixer Fills the User's Type or Graphic with a Duel Mixture of Metals for Accent. Control the Depth, Surface and Environment for Wach Metal.
Watercolor — Transform Digital Images into a Watercolor Painting -
Watercolor transforms Digital Images into a Watercolor Rendering with a few clicks of the mouse.

Auto FX Software - DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 Conclusion

While many third-party plug-ins for Photoshop can be odd or perform specialized tasks, DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1< provides everyone who works on digital photos an immediate useful benefit.

DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 is particularly geared to Graphic Artists and Designers as well as Photographers of any skill level. Although offered as a Photoshop plug-in, all of the Auto FX Software programs are also compatible with the likes of Photoshop CS-CS6 and CC, Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro and Draw, as well as Serif products. DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 also works great as a stand-alone program also. Launch this app within your favorite photo-editing package to add special grpahic and artistic effects realistically as desired. DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 allows you to build cumulative results with multiple effect layers by stacking the overall progress of each effect when applied cumulatively. One of the many benefits of running the Photoshop Plug-in is Auto FX Software supports many hot-key functions, such as Ctrl/Cmd-F keyboard commands etc. This quickly allows the user to apply their last batch of filter settings to any other image. Auto FX Software effects can also be added to Photoshop Actions. The more time you spend learning the program the easier you will find to create some amazing photo realistic quality digital images. This Photoshop Plug-in encourages experimentation, because the user can easily adjust the controls interactively. DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 can be powerful a tool for your digital image enhancement needs. DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 is an updated software solution that takes your enhancements to a whole new level of speed and power than previously available in the first two releases of this software product.

Auto Fx Software Dreamsuite Pro Photographic Edges V6.03 For Macbook Pro

DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 requires the user to use mask layers to determine what is affected when using the Graphic Effects to precisesly define the area affected by Gel Effects, Dimension X or Liquid Metal to name a few.

Objectively speaking, there are some things in DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 that you can’t achieve using Photoshop alone, and it has serious productivity advantages for the serious Photoshop user in that the user can get the result desired quickly.

As previously stated, Photoshop is not needed because the program can run as a standalone. With the combination of multiple adjustments, many of the cumbersome customizable steps usually seen in Photoshop will lead the user to an identifiable result with just a few intuitive clicks when using the Gen1 version. Photographers discover the simplicity of applying and enhancing the filters in DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 does not require the user to work out what sequence of tasks would be required to achieve a similar result using the raw tool-set of an image-editing package used in Photoshop or Photoshop Templates.

A common feature associated with all of the plug-ins produced by Auto FX Software are its handling of the undo and presets applications. You can temporarily specify up to eight non-consecutive undo states as you work by clicking sequentially the eight ‘memory dots’, and at any time save the current effect settings (or combination effect) as a temporary preset. Since memory dots work like adjustment layers in Photoshop, the effects are applied at high speed to low-resolution comping images first, saved as presets, and then applied to their full-res versions later on.

Auto FX Software developed their presets to be more flexible than Photoshop Actions or Photoshop Templates as the user can use them and adjust them as needed. Each time you position a slider the effect acts similar to a brand new Photoshop Action or Photoshop Template just the same.

The user can enhance and refine images with little effort to create the right ‘feel’, and create very sophisticated final renderings no matter how bad or simple the original digital image may be. Simply load the image into DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1, the user can then apply any one of the 44 effects from a select effect list. Refine the look and feel with appropriate desired slider controls. Each effect is applied in a similar fashion to Photoshop’s adjustment layers as each effect exists in its own layer.

The user can add additional effects, and move back and forth fine tuning each cumulative effect stacked one on top of the other. Turn effects off by clicking the green check mark next to the name in the layer-list palette. The user can re-arrange the layers to produce many different results.

The best aspect of DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1 is its ability to yield its intended result rather than the complex steps a user may undergo to get the end result as seen in other complex or difficult to use software programs. It is easy to take average and undesired digital images and inject a variety of enhanced visual moods into them as seen in high end Pro level digital darkrooms. It's both simple to use and the user will find that they can perform complex digital enhancement with just a few minutes of product use. Professional photographers love the professional and predictable results they can achieve very easily.

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