Beechcraft 1900d Manual

Beechcraft 1900d maintenance

Beechcraft 1900d Manual

Alphine Air Super Freighter Cargo 1900D Conversion Adds 40% Capacity

The BEECHCRAFT 1900D, manufactured from 1991 - 2003, requires a 2 person crew and can transport up to 19 passengers. The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 25,000', a normal cruise speed of 260 KTS/299 MPH, and a 1,247 NM/1,435 SM seats-full range. The BEECHCRAFT 1900D has a 3,715' balanced field length and 3,564' landing distance. NEW INSTALL Windows Version (32bit) – win32bit2020.10.07install.exe Windows Version (64bit) – win64bit2020.10.07install.exe Mac Version – Carenado's Beechcraft 1900D for FSX and P3D is another very good aircraft from this prolific developer. Visuals inside and out are accurate and detailed. Eight manuals are useful for flying the aircraft and using Carenado's unique features. Instrument panel resembles those found in real-world pictures with Carenado's electronic instruments added.

Posted by KingAirNation — Friday, January 24, 2020Beechcraft 1900d Manual

Alphine Air has introduced a new cargo STC conversion for the Beechcraft 1900D that (according to Alphine’s press release) boosts the capacities of the aircraft in several areas including:

Beechcraft 1900d series turboprop
  • 40% Capacity Increase Over 1900C (Useful Payload of 7,439 lbs.*)
  • 23% Range Increase (1,356 NM Max Range*)
  • 7% Speed Increase Over 1900C
  • Single Pilot Aircraft Certification
  • New Z Track for Maximum Cargo Utilization
  • New Crew Emergency Exit

Other key conversion features include:

  • Cargo Netting, Brackets & Clips
  • Frontal Netting Z Track
  • Emergency Exit Door Removal​​​​
  • New Pilot Emergency Exit Door
  • Cargo Conveyor Roller
  • Structural Modification
  • Air Duct Modification
  • O2 Modification
  • Lighting/CB Panel/Audio Panel Mods​​
  • Floor Panel Installation
  • Placards

The conversion is listed by SkyQuest International here, where more in-depth details can be found. There is also a PDF document detailing the specs as well – that can be found here.


Beech 1900d

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