Bendix King Khf 950 Manual

Bendix King Khf 950 Manual

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Troubleshooting the KHF-950 System December 2013. If you are experiencing tuning and/or garbled transmitter problems with your KHF-950 system, you may have some outstanding Service Bulletins that should be installed. King KHF 950/990 HF SSB Transceiver is all about. The KHF 950/990 is a compact, lightweight system to provide an extensive range of operator benefits. It is designed with international flight operations in mind to provide superior long range communica-tions. A basic KHF 950/990 system consists of either three. BOOK Free Book Bendix King Khf 950 Manual PDF Bendix King Khf 950 Manual click here to access This Book: READ ONLINE Fs: hf radio - khf 950 - pilots of america message I have for sale a complete BENDIX/KING KFH-950 used system.Installed in a Citation 2002 and KP4DAC February FS Avionics Bendix King KHF-950 and Apollo

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Yes, with the appropriate equipment, hardware, antenna, and installation considerations.
A shorted tranline often referred to as 'towel bar' antennas are best suited for helicopter applications. Towel bar antennas are attached parallel to the tailboom and fed in on the forward end (please see below example). Very specific instructions in relation to spacing, antenna construction, length, and mounting surface should be followed in order to minimize poor efficiencies at the low frequencies.
Since the towel bar style antenna is considered a short or shunt type HF antenna, the -02 version of the KAC-952 antenna coupler along with the KA-161 external capacitor must be utilized in this type of installation.
In certain installations, a towel bar style antenna may not be possible. Therefore, the KA-98 probe antenna may be used in the KHF-950 system. The same installation considerations (as mentioned above) would need to be observed since all short antennas provide poor efficiencies at low frequencies. A rod style antenna element is installed onto the front of the KA-98 (see picture below). It is important that the probe antenna be provided with a good RF ground. Therefore, the coax feedline from the KAC-952 coupler to the KA-98 cannot exceed 18 inches. In addition, the KA-98 can only be used with the -02 version of the KAC-952 and the KA-161 external capacitor to allow the antenna to tune more efficiently.
If this 18 inch requirement cannot be met, then the KHF-990 HF system should be considered since the amplifier is built in to the KAC-992 probe antenna coupler.