Bendix Magnetos Overhaul Manual

  1. Bendix Magnetos Overhaul Manual
  2. Bendix Magneto Service Manual
  1. CMI (formerly TCM/Bendix) magnetos and related equipment for CMI engines listed under “Models Affected” (above). Reference X42003, “D-2000/D-3000 Series Magneto Service Support Manual” for information on these systems. NOTE: This Service Document supersedes the recommended periodic magneto intervals and does not replace the recommended.
  2. Yes, the maintenance/overhaul manual for this magneto. About the only parts that are truly redundant is the coil, points, and capacitor. The D3000 magneto is a good magneto, easy to work on and reliable. Like any device it has its limitations.

FAA/PMA Approved Replacement Parts

BENDIX MAGNETOS SECTION I GENERAL DESCRIPTION Page 3F-367 Revised November 1955 These instructions include the necessary informa- lion for general service and overhaul of the four, five, and six cylinder types of magnetos included in the table below. The general features of internal construction of. Figure 2—The Bendix D2000/D3000 dual mag is basically two inde pendent magnetos packaged into a single unit. Able, and most of them have long since been PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF CLIFF ORCUTT OF AIRCRAFT MAGNETO SERVICE 28-32savvyMAY.indd 30 4/16/13 9:35 AM. 31 replaced with the later-design D3000, which was much improved.

2 Ignition Systems Application Data Service Support Manual 15 October 2015 2.3. The magneto type number translates into th e magneto configuratio n, as illustrated in the following chart. Magneto or Ignition System Kit Part Number: When ordering, specify magneto by part number. Also specify: Red Label Magnetos - Factory New (10.

Bendix Magnetos Overhaul Manual

From washers and cotter pins to distributor blocks and impluse couplings, Kelly Aerospace Energy Systems has the largest catalog of Bendix, CMI, and Slick aircraft magneto replacement parts in the world. Our parts are made to specifications dictated by Federal Aviation Administration parts manufacturing approvals. Our PMA process includes evaluating the OEM part for opportunities of improvement and incorporating those improvements while maintaining original form fit and function.

FAA/PMA Replacement Parts Repair Kit

Commonly used for minor repairs and 500 hour inspections. Kelly Aerospace magneto repair kits include contacts, capacitor, bearings, oil seal, oil slinger, woodruff keys, cotter pin, cam screw, felt washer, felt strip, snap ring and carbon brush.

Currently available for Bendix/CMI 20/200 series and Bendix/CMI 1200 series aircraft magnetos. Slick magneto repair kits are coming soon!


FAA/PMA Deluxe Replacement Parts Mag Repair Kit

Deluxe repair kits are often used for major repairs such as a aircraft magneto overhaul. Deluxe repair kits add a coil, distributor block and a distributor gear to the applicable standard repair kit. Please note that the deluxe repair kit may not contain all parts required for overhaul; refer to the appropriate overhaul manual for reference.

Currently available for Bendix/CMI 20 series, 200 series, and 1200 series aircraft magnetos. Slick magneto deluxe repair kits coming soon!


Approved for the following piston-powered aircraft engine manufactures:

  • Franklin Engines100%100%
  • Continental Motors (CMI fdba. TCM)100%100%
  • Textron Lycoming100%100%

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Bendix Magneto Service Manual

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