Bookmarks And Ie For Mac

I recently left Windows for OSX (Hallelujah!) and ofcourse I have to put some old data into my new Imac G4. I have a problem with my old favorites: It seems that a IE favorite under Windows is saved differently than a favorite in IE on OSX. When I drag and drop my old IE favorites folder into Mac IE, it shows the path of every individual file, but no url is displayed or reached on the net.
Does anybody knows a tool or utility how these IE favorites can be converted or imported correctly from W2000 into OSX?

Turn on iCloud Bookmarks and upgrade your software Choose Apple menu  System Preferences. If you're using macOS Catalina, click Apple ID. Click iCloud, then select Safari. Apple no longer supports Safari for Windows, so if using it on an older Windows machine the last version of Safari for Windows does not support Bookmark sync. Now, if you’re using a Mac and your bookmarks aren’t synching, make sure you’ve enabled iCloud’s Safari sync by going to System Preferences iCloud and tick the box for iCloud.

Export Safari Bookmarks On Mac

  1. Export your favorites on the Windows machine (there should be a menu item for this either under File or Favorites on the Windows machine) and then take that favorites.html or favorites.htm file and copy it to the Mac. Open IE Classic. Import that favorites file into IE Classic. Export your favorites again using IE Classic.
  2. Import a bookmarks file In the Safari app on your Mac, choose File Import From Bookmarks HTML File. Select the file you want to import. After you import bookmarks, they appear at the bottom of the sidebar in a new folder whose name begins with “Imported” and ends with the date.
  3. Find the “Safari Bookmarks.html” file and import it. From here, Safari will open its bookmarks window and show a highlighted import folder. Drag the bookmarks around to where you need them and you’re set. Your Internet Explorer favorites have now become your Safari bookmarks.
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Ie Bookmarks Location

The following instructions for importing and exporting bookmarksassume you are using Safari in Mac OS X 10.4 orlater.

Bookmarks And Ie For Mac

Bookmarks And Ie For Mac Windows 7

Exporting bookmarks

  1. Launch Safari. From the File menu, selectExport Bookmarks....
  2. Safe the file to your computer. By default, Safari calls the fileSafari Bookmarks.html, though the .htmlextension will probably be hidden.

Importing bookmarks

Bookmarks And Ie For Mac Pro

  1. Launch Safari. From the File menu, selectImport Bookmarks....
  2. Navigate to the bookmarks file you want to import and clickImport.
  3. From the Bookmarks menu, select Show AllBookmarks. In the bookmarks window, the bookmarks you justimported will appear inside a folder in the left column. You may thenclick and drag them to different locations (e.g., your Bookmark menuor Bookmarks bar).