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Computer Installation
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How do I install it?!!

You will get an email with the download link.
However, since installing Canasta Junction on computers is a more complex than just 'clicking' a button we have created instructions for you in video and written format for Mac and PC computers to assist in the task. We suggest that you watch the video and print the instructions which will take you STEP-BY-STEP through the process.
Instructions below for Mac or PC.

At the Canasta Palace, the game is available for two or four players. According to tradition, Segundo Santos and Alberto Serrato developed Canasta in 1939 in Uruguay. Their passion for another card game, Bridge, spurred them to compile their own game. Once realized, Canasta traveled quickly over. This is the only Canasta game I could find for Mac OS X-Intel, so I am very grateful to Masque for that. But compared to my old Hoyle game, I am disappointed. I scream at my computer partner at least once a game. We have 6 Queens in a meld, and she throws the 7th Queen into discard?

Installing on an Apple Computer
Click Here

Installing on a Windows PC Computer Click Here

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For those still experiencing this issue on your PC, please update your video card. You will have to contact your administrator or Windows manufacturer if you need further assistance.
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Canasta Junction For Macbook Pro

Canasta For Mac

Before You Buy Canasta Junction...
Make Sure You Get The Right One!

NOTE: PURCHASE OPTIONS ARE FOR DIFFERENT SYSTEMS. THEY ARE NOT EXCHANGEABLE PURCHASES. If you purchase for the iPhone, you can re-download to your IPad but NOT to your computer. If you purchase for your iPad AND want to play on your computer, you will need to purchase separate apps. Please consider which option is best for you before you buy. Canasta Junction is no longer available for Android, Chrome Books or Kindle devices. If you already own the app on these devices, you can continue to play, but it does not have all the features including advanced options for special hands and is no longer supported.
Click on the link below on your Apple IPad or IPhone
to be redirected to the App Store.

App may be installed on multiple Apple mobile devices with the same Apple ID. Please check out Apple's Family Share for details
Installation on MAC and PC is complicated. Please see tutorial on installing on your computer before purchasing to make sure you will be able to install. If it is too challenging, please consider purchasing for the iPad or IPhone. Purchase link will be emailed to you after purchase.
Installation Assistance PC

Installation Assistance Apple
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​We have been working with many of you and your generous spirit in planning tournaments to raise money for others such as Greater Illinois National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Steve's Camp at Horizon's Farm, ORT, PAP (Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis) Foundation, Hadassah, the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, White Plains Hospital Foundation, the Association for Adults with Developmental Disabilities, Gift of Life,Israel Bonds, and College Bound Opportunities. Want to add your charity to our list? If you are using CJ as a tool to help raise money - please let us know so that we can help promote your event and charity. Although there are many variations, for those that wish, we have developed, a program for you to play your own tournament which guarantees at least two matches per team. This is a complimentary program from The Canasta League of America and Canasta Junction. Use Duplicate Canasta for a one day event following a Zoom-in Luncheon. What's Your Plan? Click below and request your NO COST Coordinator's Kit.
Remember. It Was Never Just A Game
Canasta Junction

​Duplicate Canasta, the only program of its kind, where players compete with the same deal against our computer robot, ACE. YOU are the only variable. Compete against your own score, or against others, Each Tournament plays SIX hands and requires 25 tokens. Every CJ member was given 50 tokens to start. Additional tokens are available through the ACCOUNT page (click on + TOKENS).
* Available on Ipad, Iphone, Mac & PCs.
​Must have internet access to play.


To play Duplicate Canasta (where the only variable is you) click here to be directed to the Duplicate Page.
Give the Gift of Canasta Junction Tokens!
​Click here to purchase
​Note the receiver's CJ Username or Email so that the tokens can be credited to their account.
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FAQs regarding Canasta Junction

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