Ck2 Kings Of Slaves And Vices

Friendship is a symmetric relationship between two characters. It has a significant opinion boost and several other effects.

Ck2 colonization mod

Making friends[edit]

There is two slavery laws: - Legal - Illegal. Conditions: - Any independent ruler can declare them. Prisoners can be taken as slaves if they are not close relative to player, or not same dynasty. Also wife can not be taken as slave. When player take slave, he will get Slave Owner trait. (General opinion -10; Same trait +15).

Simple slavery plus plus

Dec 03, 2018 Should be compatible with most other mods, including overhauls of vanilla such as CK2+ and HIP. Compatible with the HIP submod Turks, Mongols, and Mamluks. For modders, you can check whether Vice and Virtue is enabled by looking for the global flag mtavv, and you can set the global flag mtadebug to enable additional debug logging to the game.log. Slavery is wrong. I know the idea of playing CK2 as a moral and upstanding character seems kind of bizarre, but it is supposed to be an option. Slavery is mostly upside because it's a Faustian bargain - great power at the cost of your character's metaphorical soul.

Dec 26, 2017 Join the ancient trade of slavery and become stronger, or liberate the slaves and face poverty and desolation. VICE Recommended for you. Crusader Kings 2: Game of thrones mod- The Doom. This one is similar in the way that you can rape your prisoners directly. But it's updated. If you don't want any new mod and just use the one here, but you have issues with hair and eyes outside of the portrait circle, then delete any portrait.gfx in the mod's /interface folder.

There are many random events that add friends, but the ones most under player control are:

  • With Way of Life and focuses:
    • Carousing focus: high chance to befriend one guest at each party
    • Business focus: can establish a friendship with your trading partner (an infidel ruler) if opinion is high at the end of the event chain
    • Family focus: can establish a friendship with a sibling, between two minor children, or between two dynastic close relatives (once mutual opinion reaches 50+)
  • With Horse Lords:
    • Hire HL dynamic mercenaries. Many of them are cheap to hire, and some are future khans or khagans!

Effects of friendship[edit]

  • You may have an opportunity to convert to a friend's religion, or ask them to convert to yours.
  • Friends can randomly offer to join each other's wars, even if not allied
  • Friends on your council are more likely to be Loyalist in their voting

Skill boosts[edit]

Crusader Kings 2 Immortal Trait

You occasionally get a chance to ask a friend to improve a skill, if:

  • Neither of you is at war or leading troops
  • Your skill level is between 5 and 9 (inclusive)
  • Friend's skill level is 11+
  • Friend is not a prisoner

Ck2 Kings Of Slaves And Vices

There is a five-year cooldown for each attribute.

Crusader Kings 2 Werewolf

AttributeAdditional requirementsRejection effect
  • Neither character is a chancellor.
15% Depressed
  • Neither character is a marshal.
  • Friend is male.
  • Friend can have Duelist instead of 11 martial skill.
  • Both characters are rulers or council members.
  • You are not abroad.
  • No special requirements
100% Paranoid
  • Same religion
  • Religion is not a heresy
  • Friend is Zealous or has 100 piety
100% Stressed
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