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Some behind the scenes of the Way of the Sword mod for Mount and Blade Bannerlord. The team behind the mod is working diligently to bring the community a fresh take on Warband’s Gekokujo mod see full image. Go to Taverns in big cities until you find a traveler when you find one you can ask him about the location of a companion it will cost you only 30 denars but you will have to go there quickly as. Blue arrows represent companions which like each other. Each companion dislikes the companions on either side of them. For example, Borcha dislikes Deshavi and Klethi. If you wish to maximize your number of companions, you can choose 2-3 from the top circle and 4-5 from the bottom circle that are not touching. The two-way arrows indicates companions that like each other, which can help balance dislikes, increasing the effective limit. In Mount&Blade you are not the only hero. When exploring the taverns of Calradia you will come across some named people who are willing to join your cause, for a price of course.



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Companions Mount And Blade Warband Blade

  • Who areMount And Blade Warband's partners? Tracking Mount & Blade: Warband is now a treat on Steam Early Access and among fans of the medieval role-playing sandbox as the number of players increases.

    Bannerlord's companions are special characters that you can recruit anywhere in the world. You can find them in different places on the map. But above all, it is good to know what benefits they offer to your group. Companions can be quite expensive, but it pays to find companions that suit your group well, depending on the skills you are missing or looking for.

    If you increase the size of your group in Bannerlord, you can add other companions. Like your character, they improve their skills as they progress. Therefore, it is worth recruiting these companions as soon as possible so that you can fully benefit from them later in the game. How to find companions in Bannerlord.

    How to find companions in Mount And Blade Warband

    First access the Encyclopedia tab by pressing the N key, or on the clan and character menu. Then click on the Heroes tab and scroll to the Wanderer.

    This list is incredibly useful, as it lists all the companions you can find on the map. It also tells you where they were last seen. Just click on the location at the top right, then click the 'Track' button and complete the process from the menu; You now have a reference point to the complementary location.

    It should be noted that the companions move at the same speed as you. So when you get there, you may have moved on.

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