Company Of Heroes 2 Ww1 Mod

Company of Heroes: Eastern Front v.1.2 Full Mod Posted over 10 years ago; 187 downloads; A free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has added a full and unique Soviet faction, packed with professional quality sounds, models and many more hours of enjoyment. Company Of Heroes WWI Mod 2 Report. Browse more videos. Company of Heroes Modern Combat Mod. Company of Heroes Blitzkrieg.

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Company Of Heroes 2 Ww1 Mod

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Galaxy Of Heroes Mods Guide

This cheat will boost and increased your fuel, ammunition, man power resources and the population cap size without using trainer program. It will only work on Steam Edition of the Game and doesn't work on other version. All you need to do is to activate the developer option of your game and type in the cheat codes to the SCAR console. Check the step by step guide below. How to:1. Open your Steam Client and go to your library.2. Find Company of Heroes 2, right click on it and click Properties.3. A Window will pop up, click SET LAUNCH OPTIONS... button.4. Now, type on the provided textbox -dev, then click ok.5. Start playing Company of Heroes 26. Create a Skirmish game.7. Once you're in the game, press ALT + SHIFT + ~, this will open the SCAR Console of Company Heroes 2.8. Now, type in the code below to the SCAR Console - this will add 99999 resources in your game and 9999 on population cap. Player_SetPopCapOverride(World_GetPlayerAt(1), 9999) Player_SetResource(World_GetPlayerAt(1), RT_Manpower, 99999) Player_SetResource(World_GetPlayerAt(1), RT_Munition, 99999) Player_SetResource(World_GetPlayerAt(1), RT_Fuel, 99999) 9. (Optional) If you also want to add a passive resources per minute, you can do this by using the code below. The maximum is 600 rate: Modify_PlayerResourceRate(World_GetPlayerAt(1), RT_Manpower, 600) Modify_PlayerResourceRate(World_GetPlayerAt(1), RT_Munition, 600) Modify_PlayerResourceRate(World_GetPlayerAt(1), RT_Fuel, 600) This cheat code will only work on Single Player Mode and on Skirmish game only.