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Account Security

Contrary to what many people claim, no one has ever 'hacked into our site' and accessed user information, accounts or usernames. The ONLY means by which a user can have his/her account stolen by someone else is when that user inadvertently or intentionally gives out their account password.

People like to say they have been hacked, as it makes them feel a little better than admitting they have fallen for a scam, or just simply given away their password to the first person that asked them for it. However, there are a number of things you can do to help keep your account secure.

  1. Choosing a password - When you choose a password, don't go for something really obvious like password, 12345, letmein, neopets or pokemon. Using a combination of letters and numbers makes it a lot harder for people to guess. You can change your password at any time by clicking on 'Help' in the yellow side bar. Then click on the 'Change your Password' button. When you choose a new password be sure to write it down somewhere safe in case you forget it.
  2. Keep your password secret - Never tell anybody your password, no matter who they say they are. There are many nasty people out there who would love to get their hands on your hard earned Neopoints and they will pretend to be staff, have a secret code, anything to try to get you to tell them. No Neopets staff member will ever contact you via hotmail, AIM, MSN Messenger.

    The only Neomails you will get from Neopets staff will be official warnings from theneopetsteam if you do anything wrong. We will NEVER ask for information via Neomail. If anyone asks you for their password, send us what they said as well as any information you have about them using this form.

  3. Log out - If you use Neopets in a public place such as a school or library, be sure to log out when you are done. To log out, simply click on 'Log Out' on the yellow side bar.
  4. Don't be greedy - If something looks too good to be true, chances are it is. There are no secret codes to become rich over night, there is no magic web page that gives you 1 million neopoints and fish neggs cannot be made by anything. Nobody has ever cracked, hacked, broken into or tricked Neopets and no one will EVER be selling Faeries for 1NP. If someone ever asks you to give them something, or buy something from their shop in return for something else, do not give it to them. There is no guarantee you will get anything in return. Instead, report them using this form, and we will stop them scamming anybody else.

    The Trading Post is the ONLY secure place to exchange items. If you are feeling generous, then use the Money Tree where there are many needy people looking for donations.

  5. Look before you click - If EVER you see a log in page, make sure that the URL (address at the top of the page) says, if it says something else, it is a fake log in page set up by someone else to try to get hold of your password. If you enter your username and password, your details will then be emailed to them and they will have full access to your account. Whenever you see anything that looks suspicious, please report it using this form. We will then get the page taken down and freeze the person who set it up.

    If you have already entered your details, just click on 'Help' in the yellow side bar, and then click on the 'Change your password' and change your password immediately.

  6. Keep your email safe - If you give away the password to your email account, they can then get your Neopets password sent to them. Many free email sites do have security issues and it is wise to change your password frequently and choose a combination of letters and numbers.
  7. Don't share accounts - No matter how trust worthy a person may seem when you chat to them online, never give them your password. There is no need to share an account with anybody, if you do it is at your own risk and you must understand that they can easily change the password and steal your account.

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Is there anything I can do to stop this?

Yes, we take any attempt to obtain a person's password very seriously. By reporting anybody that asks you for your password, or to give them something for free, we will be able to stop them from contacting anybody else.

With fake log in pages or any page that claims to be a revolutionary neopoint making program, the faster we get to know about it, the faster we can take it down and freeze the offender's accounts.

Crack Password Neopets Classic

Neopets won't give you the year. They'll say that the account is too old, and that you can create a new one. The only way is to ballpark-work out the year- maybe if you were 12 at the time you made yourself 20 for example, then try dates in the year. You have 3 tries a day. Neopets Dailies. Neopets Dailies. The Neopets representative on Facebook is the Community Manager, NOT a Neopets Support member, athough they ocassionally pass on ticket information to the Support team at their discretion. The primary function of their page is to promote Neopets on social media, not to resolve account-related issues.