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This is the case in all states. There are some common questions asked about criminal law that we want to answer for you. Here are some of the more popular questions asked concerning criminal law. Common Criminal Law Q&A What is a misdemeanor? Misdemeanors are known as lesser crimes in comparison to others. Some common crimes that fall under. Past Criminal Law Exams & Sample Answers. DeWolf Professor of Law Gonzaga Law School. 250+ Criminal Law Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What happens if you are charged with a crime? Question2: What are the steps in a criminal case? Question3: What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor? Question4: What is a bench warrant? Question5: What is a bond hearing?

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Ena, an elderly woman, lives in her house with her lodger, Joan, aged 47. Joan suffers from severe learning difficulties. Joan is able to manage basic tasks, but Ena has helped her with more complicated ones, such as shopping, for many years. Joan becomes unwell and takes to her bed, but Ena increasingly finds it difficult to get up the stairs because of her arthritis. She gives up the attempt to take food upstairs for Joan and tries to ring their doctor for help, but becomes confused by the surgery’s automated answering service, which requires her to press a number of buttons on her telephone. She never speaks to her doctor and over time Joan becomes severely undernourished.

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Joan's sister, Fran, who suffers from a bipolar mental illness, arrives for a visit while Ena is out and discovers Joan in a dreadfully neglected state. She calls for medical help. Ahmed, a paramedic, arrives in his emergency response vehicle and checks on Joan. He goes to the kitchen to tell Fran that Joan is not seriously ill and should go to hospital on the bus. Fran disputes this, and Ahmed retorts: `Well, you’re no one to judge, you’re half way round the bend yourself!’

Fran flies into a rage, grabs a vegetable knife and fatally stabs Ahmed. She runs away from the house. Before Ena comes back, Joan dies of dehydration and malnutrition.

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Discuss the criminal liability, if any, of Ena and Fran.