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Adm1024 Delta Vintage Lab Deltalab Ii Digital Delay Effectron (38.5% similar) American made, built solid. Highly sought after digital delay. Good condition with minimal wear for its age. Dead simple to use. I'm going to be listing other effects and processors soon so please check my other offers. Deltalab ADM-1024 Effectron II Digital Delay Owners/User Manual Contents: An owners guide for the operation of the equipment. (Dated 1984) (31pages/$20) Deltalab ADM-1024 Effectron II Digital Delay Schematic Contents: Schematics (Dated 1983) ($20).

I'm new here.

Deltalab Effectron Ii Manual Pdf

The Effectron was part of the first wave of digital gear to hit studios in the early 1980s. RAM was super-expensive so many units had short delay times and were designed for chorus, flanging, phasing and doubling. The Effectron II ADM 64 is a prime example of this Deltalab was part of the booming. Setting up delta-delta and wye-wye configurations. Observation and examination of the operating characteristics for each type of configuration. Verifying the voltage within the delta. 9-2 Voltage and Current Relationships. 305 Voltage and current relationships between primary and secondary of three-phase transformers.

I have a Deltalab Effectron II ADM 1024 which I believe cannot be midi clock controlled via the 'pedalsync' kits, because I think it doesn't use BBD IC's.
I'm wondering if anyone knows what I should be looking into to figure out how to make this thing sync to my DAW, or if it's even possibleDelta Labs Effectron Ii ManualDeltalab effectron ii manual instructionsDelta
Also, I know of one place online that has some really crappy hard-to-read schematics for this unit, but perhaps someone knows where I can find better copies.

Delta Labs Effectron Ii

DeltalabHere's is the place online that has the crappy schematic.

Delta Lab Effectron

Can anyone see what/where the internal clock source is?