Doki Doki True Ending Guide

MC's Revenge is a fan work I made for Doki Doki Literature Club. The project was started by Firelightning13, abandoned by him, and I continued it with permission.

  • To get the best ending in Doki Doki Literature Club, you must unlock all the cutscenes for each character in the game before the end of Act 1. To save time, you should enter the.
  • To get Patako's true ending, you must do the following: Play through Kurona's route until you get to Episode 6-1; Dialogue Choices: 'Help me, Ekoro!' 'I need to find a girlfriend, today.' Get doki-doki meter up to 100%. Unseen Destiny edit edit source The endings will depend on which girl you choose and your current stats. Alternate Ending.

MC's Revenge is a fan work I made for Doki Doki Literature Club.The project was started by Firelightning13, abandoned by him, and I continued it with permission. The premise is that starting with Act 2, MC starts to become meta-aware like Monika, seeing the graphical glitches and everything.

The premise is that starting with Act 2, MC starts to become meta-aware like Monika, seeing the graphical glitches and everything. He doesn't yet realize what's happening or remember Act 1, but he might, depending on your choices.

Doki doki good ending mod

Installation is the same as most mods: extract the zip file and drop everything into the /game/ directory of a normal DDLC installation. You might have to delete 'firstrun' inside the folder too. Credits are distributed with the download, in 'credits.txt'.

Complete guide (only mild spoilers are unhidden, so don't be afraid to click after your first playthrough)

And just incase, the unzipped mod files are on Github.

I made this during 2019. After I played my first few DDLC mods, I spent a few months considering making one, but when I played the MCR demo, I thought it was exactly the premise I wanted to do. So I looked around and found the offer to continue it and applied.

Looking back on my work now, I have some self-criticisms.

  • I'm not happy with how I handled Monika's dialogue and death in the endings where they kill her. In the reddit post I said to Monika fans who were offended by Rainclouds and New Eyes that I didn't think this would offend them. What a stupid thing I said! This mod treats Monika worse than those two. Rainclouds and New Eyes only cover the canonical Act 1-2, so criticizing them for villifying Monika isn't fair, but MCR covers Monika being confronted by her victims with awareness and if Sayori wasn't saved, she still doesn't hesitate to try to murder them as well and has to be killed. I could've given her more credit than that. I knew I had to include bad endings, but it would've been really interesting if you could make Monika repent and she actually demonstrated a sincere intention to reform, but MC and the others wouldn't hear it if Sayori wasn't saved and killed her anyway. Maybe they could kill her before Monika had a chance to restore Sayori, or I could've contrived a reason why she couldn't to make their lack of forgiveness understandable.

  • I kind of wish I'd explored just how horrible the implication is that even if they all survive and don't have the nightmare problem, they're stuck in a world with only the 5 of them. That's a horrific fate. It's not obvious how this could've been handled well, since if it were true, suicide would be an extremely reasonable decision. Or more accurately, the moral course of action would be for the player to not leave them permanently, and try to give them something approaching a meaningful life as friends/advisors. If it were real and they could communicate with the player (which the President should be able to through dialog options or text files), this wouldn't actually be degenerate like Monika's plan for Act 3. (The 'you would be crippling Player's real-world life' argument I contrived for RTTP is BS and I knew it when I wrote it, but I had to come up with something to justify Monika's actions in DDLC.) So it's a nontrivial problem, but I wish I'd tried to deal with this.

  • In the Good (not Perfect) ending, I didn't handle Sayori's reaction to the epiphany very well. It makes sense that she reacted a lot less than in either the normal or premature endings to DDLC because here she knew about it beforehand, but it still could've been way better. I should've had her describe how it felt and give some perspective on what it was like for Monika.

  • The Evil ending is also kinda stupid. No doubt MC's too quick to accept it, and the suggestion that they see being in the space room with the two of them forever as a desirable fate is insane, way worse than how #2 applies to the other endings. Also, it's kind of a plothole that if you tell them you're going to reset the game if they won't let the others stay, they just give up on stopping you instead of making some attempt to negotiate.

Despite this, I'm still pretty proud of it and think it's one of the better mods out there.

All True Endings Guide

Yuri Ending

Ah, I see you’re a gentleman of taste. My favorite girl, and my favorite ending outside of the Harem Ending. Yuri, ironically, doesn’t rely on poem points to romance. Instead, make sure you pick ONLY THESE OPTIONS. Seriously, it’s really easy to scare her off and get roped into another ending, so stick to just these options:

Talk to Yuri
Ignore her
Go get a drink
I don’t like manga.
Of course I’ll listen!
It’s not boring.
Wait patiently.
I’ll always be here for you.
Stick it in. (Note- MAKE SURE you have the Extra-Large Sandwich for this event- haven’t tested this thoroughly, but it does make this easier)

If you’ve done all this correctly, congrats- lean back and enjoy.

Doki Doki True Ending Guide

Natsuki Ending

Natsuki is a cutie who’s into manga. It’s not too difficult to get her ending, just pick the short, “cute” words like “fluffy” in the poem sections and they should give you huge amounts of points towards her route. However, for anyone having trouble, I’ve prepared this guide of the dialogue options to ensure your pettanko glory:

Talk to Natsuki
I love manga!
Agree with her
Stay in the classroom
I prefer coffee
No thanks
What’s it about?
Take a cupcake
Call Natsuki
I love you
Stick it in

Doki Doki True Ending Guide

Sayori Ending

Ah, Sayori. You really grew on me. Despite seeming like a typical genki girl, there’s more to her than it seems- be sure to LISTEN. Her poem sections are among the most difficult- try to alternate depressing and uplifting phrases for the maximum bonus. The dialogue choices below should guarantee you her ending, though:

Stay and listen
Tea is fine
They were okay
Walk home with Sayori
Why not?
Call Sayori
You’re not alone
Only you.
Stick it in.

Monika Ending

This is where the boys start getting separated from the men. Monika’s ending is extremely difficult to achieve; I still haven’t nailed down the exact sequence of poem choices that help out here. This ending is so worth it, but so difficult to find! These dialogue choices should help you achieve victory. Good luck.

Doki doki true ending guide bunnies funeral

Ignore her
Help Monika
I’m not thirsty
Only Monika
Only Monika
I don’t care
Insult her
Why would I pay attention to anyone else?
Sacrifice her
I feel nothing.
I love you.
Stick it in.

Harem Ending

This will be one of your greatest challenges. Notable in that there are fewer poems on this route.


Follow her
Take a cupcake
I prefer coffee
C V I *** D O P (This is not a typo -Ed)
I wanted to see you
I know exactly what’s going on here
You’re going to stop them, aren’t you?
I forgive you
I’m not sure…
Do not
Let’s hold the festival event


Doki Doki True Ending Guide 2

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