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Thank you guys for 6,000 subscribers. It's been far too long so I decided to show off my currently modded New Vegas. I also want to say that a lot of stuff s. Anyone have the mod files for Animation Project they can send me? I removed it so I could get Solid Project, which is an updated version of Animation Project. But since Solid Project doesn't work for me, and the mod author hid the original Animation Project on Nexus, I'm left with nether of them. I just want Animation Project back at the very least.

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Download New Vegas - Re-AnimatedWeapon Animation Replacers Five years on from release, the way people move around the Mojave Desert is starting to look quite creaky. Even when standing upright, everyone slouches forward in an ape-like way, and people hold their guns as if they were playing amateur paintball during an office 'fun day out', rather than like hardened wasteland survivors. One of the few early criticisms that can be made of Fallout 4 is that character animations still look a bit on the stiff side. While early footage shows a definite improvement on Bethesda's last RPG, Skyrim, there are big question marks over whether the animations will match major AAA games like The Witcher 3, GTA V or MGS: The Phantom Pain. With this in mind, the 'Re-Animated' mod for New Vegas raises the game's animations up to - if not beyond - Fallout 4 standards. Gun poses look thoroughly badass, characters stand more upright, and Brotherhood soldiers posture like they're ready to cave your skull in, rather than like some extinct evolutionary ancestor to the homo sapiens. You can combine this with the Weapon Animation Replacers mod, which improves the ways characters hold weapons - from crouching to running - to make characters look ready for whatever nasty surprises they may stumble upon in the desert.

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