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It all started when I lost my copy of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I was on eBay and saw something out of the ordinary. The price was only $2.99. I was surprised because it is called GTA SA Limited Edition. Me, being curious, bought it. A few days later it arrived in the mail. When I took it out of the box, the cover only said 'SA LE'. I ignored it and put the disk in my PS2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Special Edition (PlayStation 2, PS2) COMPLETE! PS2 Grand Theft Auto SAN ANDREAS GTA Playstation 2. This special edition of San Andreas includes a special DVD in addition to the regular game. On the special DVD is 'The Introduction' and the newly announced documentary film "Sunday Driver." (This re-release edition also removes the controversial and unintentionally accessible &q.

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GTA Criminal Russia Golden Edition
GTA Criminal Russia Golden Edition is a collection of almost all versions of the mod called GTA Criminal Russia. Also, in the collection there is a modification of GTA Arzamas, since it also refers to the CD. Collected all versions of the CD for one project, from the team CRime Team (They are finalizing the CD), but a little later I decided to put this assembly for everyone, because now it is rather difficult to find those or other versions because of the 'dying' links. In addition to the CR versions, the collection contains RadioPack for the second beta, 6 interesting video recordings from the CD development period, and more than 100 screenshots and photos that I found on the CR forums (selected the most delicious ones). As I said at the beginning, the collection is incomplete, it happened precisely because of these 'dying' links. The collection did not hit GTT: The Game - Alpha (South City from Grand Theft Trains) and a small patch for the demo version of the CD.
The list of different versions of the CD, which are contained in this collection:
GTA Criminal Russia DEMO
GTA Arzamas
GTA Criminal Russia build 002
GTA Criminal Russia build 003 (that very first beta)
GTA Criminal Russia beta 2
GTA Criminal Russia Nizhny Novgorod build (known under the invented name - Beta 3)
I would be very grateful if you distribute this collection on other sites and add it to torrent trackers.
P.S: KOT33 and Goldfish users helped me compile.
Enjoy your game!

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CR Team
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Grand theft auto san andreas special edition
K-Rose is the only country station in the GTA series. DJ is a cheerful girl Mary Beth Maybell. Judging by her words, many times she was thrown by the boys at school, then in college, and even now she was married 5 times. And all 5 - failed. By the wa...

AK-47 from Killing Floor

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HD model of weapons and textures. Custom icon. Two kinds. Bugs are not updated. In his hands it sits normally. Replaced: AK-47. Authors: Models of the original model: Tripwire Interactive Ripnul model: Vados Moved into the ...

Story from San Andreas

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This is my best project, so I did it on conscience. This storyline is a continuation of '

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