How To Mod A Pc Case

The 11th edition of Case Mod World Series, established since 2009 our annual contest has inspired many to push the limits of PC design, performance and innovation and have created an ever-growing community of PC case modders.

Join us for #CMWS20 and master your creativity!

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An open call out to all modders around the world to join #CMWS20. Fill out the form below by Oct 31, 2020.

This wouldn't be a mod guide of worth if it didn't include ways to bling-up up your system with a less than judicious amount of lights. Pimping up your PC case with lights is a pretty contentious. Mnpctech sells and makes custom parts and accessories for modding your gaming PC case mods or custom computer builds. These mods include gpu case mods, supports, vertical mounts. Custom PC Mods also include Custom PC Cooling Fan or Radiator Grills and filters. DIY materials and supplies like mesh or acrylic for your ow. Gaming PC Cases; Cube Cases; Test Benches; Dimastech Test Bench Screws; Dimastech Test Bench Accessories; Grommets; Case Parts; Case Feet; Sound Dampening; Mining Cases; PC Trays; Bay Devices. Fan Controllers; Fan Controller Accessories; 3.5' HDD Enclosures; 5.25 Bay; Audio Card; Power Supplies. 1000W+ 800W+ 700W+ 600W+ 500W. PC Gamer is supported by its audience. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Home; Features; A beginner's guide to case modding. Performance-PCs has all your case modification needs. If you're looking to build a custom rig, it needs to have sharp looks to match. Turn your alright computer case into a work of art with these unique case mods at Performance-PCs. We have everything from window kits to LED switches.

Check out all the different awards and prizes up for grabs this year and decide your mod project. Multiple entries welcome.

Head over to the CMWS worklogs and start sharing your mod design, progress and everything else in between.

You will have until Jan 31, 2021 to finish your mod & worklog. Be sure to head back and check for more updates on this later.

How To Mod A Pc Case Mods

  1. Do I get any confirmation once I’ve signed up?

    A confirmation email should have been sent to the email address you provided, please check your inbox or junk mail or contact us.

  2. How many mods can I enter?

    As many as you’d like, please start a separate worklog for each entry.

  3. How do I create my worklog?

    Log in or sign up here and start a new thread in the worklog.

  4. What do I need to put in the worklog?

    See a guide on how to update your worklog here.

  5. What categories can I enter this year and what are the requirements?

    Please check the awards page here and the rules for entering here.

  6. What if I started my mod before the registration opened?

    As long as you didn’t start before 1st Jan, 2020 it’s all good!

  7. I’ve finished my project & worklog, where do I submit?

    The submissions form will be open Dec 14th 2020.

  8. When is the project completion deadline?

    All final submissions are due by Jan 31st, 2021.

  9. When will the winners be announced?

    All winners will be announced Mar 4th, 2021.

  10. My questions are not answered here, who can I contact?

    Please email [email protected].

How To Mod A Pc Case Computer

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