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jEdit 5.6+ requires Java 11 or later.

jEdit 5.4 - 5.5 requires JRE 1.8 (aka Java 8) or later.

Jedit X is the result of re-building the software entirely from scratch in Cocoa to best take advantage OS X's capabilities. Supports tabbed window, File Drawer, non-contiguous layout, rectangular. Sep 03, 2020 The jEdit core, together with a large collection of plugins is maintained by a world-wide developer team. Some of jEdit's features include: Written in Java, so it runs on Mac OS X, OS/2, Unix, VMS and Windows. Built-in macro language; extensible plugin architecture. Hundreds of macros and plugins available.

Jedit X Keygen For Mac

jEdit 5.2 - 5.3 requires JRE 1.7 (aka Java 7) or later.

Jedit X Keygen For Mac

jEdit 4.5 - 5.1 require JRE 1.6 (aka Java 6) or later.

jEdit 4.3.3 is the last release to support Sun's Java 5.


Oracle providesa Java VM for Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

IBM providesa Java VM for Linux, AIX, and OS/390. There may be some compatibility issues since are very few developers who test that platform.

Some Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu) used to have Sun's java in the 'non-free' section of their repository to get packages like sun-java6-jdk.It may be installed in a place linked from /usr/lib/jvm/default-java.It is possible an older/different version of java is found first in yourPATH. Therefore, it is important to choose the correct 'default' version of java.

Maybe it is already installed but not set up as the default java. To see the existing system versions, and choose the default system version of java at any time, use update-alternatives.

See this howto for more details about java alternatives.


For Java 7 and newer, go to Oracle.

For Java 6, it should be installed automatically by the app store, but if you still can'tfind it, go to the the latest version of Java 6 that you can for your platform.



Java virtual machines for VMS on Alpha can be downloaded fromHP; read and follow instructions about supported VMS versions and patches.

Java Runtime version 1.6 (aka Java 6) or later is required for jEdit 4.4 and later.
Java Runtime version 1.7 (aka Java 7) or later is required for jEdit 5.2 and later.
Java Runtime version 1.8 (aka Java 8) or later is required for jEdit 5.4 and later.
Java Runtime version 11 (aka Java 11) or later is required for jEdit 5.6 and later.
Before installing jEdit, make sure you have a compatible Java virtual machine; see the compatibility page for details.

Option 1 - manual download and install on any OS

Stable version: jEdit 5.6.0 Changes
Download: Java-based installer3.7 MiB(For any operating system)
Windows Installer4.8 MiB
OS X package5.5 MiB
Debian package4.9 MiB
Slackware package4.9 MiB
User's guide0.6 MiB(PDF with A4 paper, 149 pages)
User's guide0.6 MiB(PDF with US letter paper, 159 pages)
Source code2.5 MiB
Daily Builds: jEdit 5.7pre1 (development trunk) Changes
Download: Daily Builds

Jedit X Keygen For Mac Download

Note: the above links are not to the files themselves, but ratherto pages where you can select a download mirror. Do not use yourbrowser's 'Download Link' command on the above links.

Installation instructions are available for the following operating systems:

Installing the platform-specific package

Once you've downloaded the Mac OS X package, open jEdit.dmg.When the jEdit drive image appears on your desktop,copy the jEdit folder on it to your Applications folder(or wherever you'd like install it).

Simply run the jEdit application in the jEdit folder, and code away...

Beware: From 10.8 on your Mac will tell you that jEdit is damaged and you should move it to the trash.This is not true though. This is a new security feature called Gatekeeper that only allowsapps from App Store or signed by a certificate issued by Apple for 100 USD per year.To allow jEdit to run, either lower your security settings in 'System Preferences -> Security'and allow all apps to run, or Ctrl+click or right-click and choose 'Open'.As soon as jEdit was run once, Mac OS forgets about its downloaded state and allows itto run normally.

Using the Java-based installer

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To start the java installer for jEdit, enter the followingin Terminal:

For example, if you downloaded jedit40install.jar into~/Documents, you would enter:

If for whatever reason you want to start the installer intext-only mode, specify text as the last parameter on thecommand line. In text only mode, the installer will not display it's GUI, and instead it will ask questions in theterminal window.

Once jEdit is installed, type the following inTerminal to start jEdit:

For example, if you installed jEdit in /Applications/jEdit,you would enter:

Option 2 - easy install on some flavors of *nix

  • FreeBSD users can find install jEdit from the ports collection by running:
  • Gentoo Linuxusers can install jEdit from the portage tree by runningemerge jedit.
  • To install jEdit via Debian Linuxapt-get (this is also for any Debian based Distros like Ubuntu),add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:e. g.

    Then, just run apt-get update, followed byapt-get install jedit.

    The repository is now also secured and signed. To verify the packagesyou have to install the public key with which the repository is signed.This can be done by invokingapt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys E6A233DBE3AFBEFC

    If you prefer manual installation of .deb files you can also download theDebian packagemanually.

  • If you use apt4rpm, urpmi, or a similar tool with an RPM-based Linuxdistribution,you can automatically stay up to date with the latest version of jEditusing the JPackage RPM repository.

Jedit X Keygen For Mac Free


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If you encounter a problem while installing jEdit, take a look atthe Frequently Asked Questions. If thatdoesn't help with your problem, post to themailing lists.