Low Fps Low Gpu Usage

Hi everyone,Usage

So ive noticed in a few games like mass effect and especially starcraft 2, ill have low frame rates and low gpu utilization, in the case of SC2, the FPs will drop to about 30fps, but the gpu will only be at 10-15% utilization. GPU Usage hovers around 60% CPU Usage is less than 50% on all cores. All settings set to Ultra, RT Reflections on Ultra, DLSS to Quality. Changing things to High and removing Ray Tracing and DLSS changes little for FPS. Minecraft: For the sake of testing, ran at 25FPS on LOWEST settings. Another strange thing, in every game I play adjusting the graphic settings from high to low does not make a difference in FPS. When the viewer isn't focused, you'll notice the FPS drops dramatically, it actually dramatically reduces activity when not the active window. SL does use the GPU a bit. I'm also using an RTX 2060 and when Firestorm is focused in ultra settings I see about 35% GPU usage (although my sim is more optimized than most as it's all made by me).

Since 1 month I upgrade my GTX 960 4GB to an RTX 2060 SUPER, I was exceeded of poor performances, but since I upgrade I can't see so much differences.
Moreover my CPU and GPU usage in game are very poor (around 30 to 40%).
With plane such as FSLABS A320 on airport like Paris Orly airport I barely reach 15fps... even with low settings.

Low Fps Low Gpu Usage Low Fps

My specs are :
AMD RYZEN 5 1600 3.2GHZ
16GB RAM 3200 MHZ
Here's an example of my task manager with PREPAR3D open : https://ibb.co/C2KG0SM

How To Lower Gpu Usage

I would like to easily reach 25 to 30fps in the worst case if possible.
LowI'm running on PREPAR3D V4.5
Low Fps Low Gpu Usage(dismiss my English level I'm French)Low

Csgo Low Fps Low Gpu Usage

Thank you