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Metro Message Signs are our most compact portable message signs, designed for use in urban areas where space is limited. Metro Signs provide the visibility and legibility of other Wanco message signs, but with a smaller footprint. Metro Message Signs provide information to. DOWNLOAD THE LED MESSAGE BOARD SOFTWARE Go to and click on “SUPPORT &. Page 2: How To Operate How to Operate Make sure to install the software and plug your LED Message Board into a USB port on your Mac prior to operating the unit. TO OPERATE THE LED MESSAGE BOARD 4. Set the element to be a Text, Image, or Animation. The use of portable changeable message signs (PCMS) in work zones can mitigate some of these issues. According to the Roadway Safety Consortium (2011), “PCMSs sic are commonly used in work zones to convey real-time information to drivers, as well as to call additional attention to hazards identified by static warning signs.”. Message board is a forum created by APTOnline with a view to have an effective way of communication between all the stakeholders of APTOnline. All the stakeholders can know about the latest developments, new services being launched, and also about the top performing delivery points. Ver-Mac truck-mounted message signs are attached via a manual or electric bracket to the truck bed or roof and powered by a connection to the truck’s battery. Ver-Mac offers the truck-mounted message signs in full-matrix display to easily accommodate arrow sequences. A wireless controller that plugs into the vehicle cigarette lighter is an.

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  • Made in the USA.
  • 97.3% recyclable!
  • Powder Coating technology provides highly durable, weather-resistant components removing the need for solvents!
  • We offer manufacturing flexibility from design concept to prototype to production.

TRAFCON is a quality manufacturer of a complete line of Arrow Boards in trailer with solar or diesel-power, vehicle and skid mounts for all your advance warning needs.

TRAFCON Portable Changeable Message Signs (PCMS) are Solar powered and Eco-friendly!

Incident Management Trailers

TRAFCON is the quality manufacturer of custom Incident Management Trailers providing “Lane Closure in a Box” ™.

Speed Display Trailers

Yahoo Message Board

TRAFCON is the quality manufacturer of Electronic Speed Display Trailers.

Smc 4000 message board manual

Portable Equipment Trailers

TRAFCON is a quality manufacturer of custom Portable Equipment Platforms (PEP).

Custom Applications

TRAFCON is a quality manufacturer of custom Traffic Control and Safety devices built to your specifications. We offer manufacturing flexibility from design concept to prototype to production.

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TRAFCON has developed the most advanced arrow board controller in the industry. Our wireless remote control technology is well proven – we were first in the industry!

Ongoing research & development at TRAFCON ensures you are purchasing the best technology available.

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  • State of the Art Technology designed to enhance normal arrowboard lamps.
  • Pulsed burst of white commands attention.
  • Does not effect MUTCD operation of amber flash sequences.
  • Visible when weather conditions drop visibility of amber lights.
  • Effectively enhances visibility.
Message Board Manual

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Smc 4000 Message Board Manual

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