Motorola Serial Number Decoding

Verify serial number, model, color, purchase country and date related to your Moto smartphone. All Motorola models are supported - check your Moto X, Motorola Droid, Moto G, Moto E, Nexus 6 and other Moto cell phones. Make sure you are buying clean and original device. A small, but very useful update for Samsumg serial numbers decoder. In addition to date of manufacture, for most models of the mobile phones, by the serial number you can find the country of manufacture and the name of factory. If they are not, be alert to the implications for your business. IMPLICATION #1: YOUR RADIOS MAY NOT BE GENUINE. What does this mean? Non-authorised importers deliberately tamper with the Motorola Solutions serial number, unique to each radio, compromising your ability to know your radio is genuine. It checks IMEI Number of Motorola Device - A Moto e4 Secret Code to find the Serial Number of the device: 2.#0.# It shows Motorola Service Menu used for all and especially it’s a Moto e4 Dialer Code: 3.#.#46.#.# Code To Reset Sim in Motorola DROID Turbo: 4.#.#232339#.#. The Motorola part number for a replacement wrist strap that connects to the table mat is 42-80385A59. The encryption modules use a custom encryption IC and an encryption key variable to perform their encode/decode functions. P2 rear accessory DB9 (Male) serial. Page 136 10-8 Functional Block Diagrams and Connectors.


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My question is.
I am looking for a list of Motorola Model Number conversion number chart that someone has made and would not mind sharing. I hope I am asking this question correctly or in other words, for example, how do i know by looking at Motorola 4550 is VHF or UHF, or a CP200 is a VHF or UHF by the model numbers. Has anyone ever made a complete list of all the Motorola radio list in this format? Sorry for any confusion. Thanks in advance.
Motorola radio serial number lookup

Motorola Serial Number Decoding Decoder

Motorola/Zebra MC9190 Serial Number Missing

Do you have a Symbol / Motorola MC9090 or MC9190 where the serial number on the label has worn out and is no longer legible? This is a very common occurrence as over time even with normal use, the numbers tend to get rubbed off or the label wears out. Even on an older unit, the serial number is crucial to have in case of needed repair servicing or for extended warranty contracts. So if your serial number is illegible, here is a way you can get it:

How do I get the serial number for a Motorola MC9190 if the label is missing

Find Motorola MC9190 serial number

Motorola MC9090 / MC9190 serial number lookup

On units with CE 6 & CE 7 operating systems, go to “Start > Settings > Control Panel > System Info” Then select the System tab and the third line down, is a box ESN: , the number should be right there.

On units with WinMobile (WM) 6.5 operating systems, go to “Start > Settings > Control Panel > System Info”, System screen, again, 3rd down is the ESN: field. The number can be found there.

* Devices running an OS prior to WM 6.5, or CE 6, the Serial Number is not displayed in System Info and can only be obtained from the sticker.

Motorola Radio Model Number Decoder

You might want to notate this information somewhere you can find it quickly for future use, or relabel your device.

Motorola Serial Number Decoding

Motorola Serial Number Decoding

Motorola Serial Number Decoding

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