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Preparing Multiple Choice Question. You can create multiple-choice questions through Test Invite Question Editor and allow the user to choose from the options. You can also use the rich text (formatted: bold, italic, etc.) in the options, as in the question text. You can add files such as pictures, audio and video to the options. Use this test maker to create a multiple choice test or exam and inspire learning in a fun and engaging way Create your online test So, you need to make a test? Well hello, test maker—you’re in the right place. How Customers Use Our Multiple Choice Test Maker Knowledge Tests. Create interesting knowledge tests that make learning engaging and enjoyable. You can either give. Run Online Competitions. Use the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker to run an online knowledge competition. You can track the. Powerful online test and quiz maker. Quickly create great looking tests using multiple question types and formatting options. Tests can either be published privately to a select group or open them up to everyone with a single link and registration page.

A multiple choice question is where a test-taker must select the correct answer from a choice of options shown in a list.

Multiple Choice Test Maker Printable

There are two types of multiple choice:

  • Single response: The test-taker is only allowed to select one correct option from the list.
  • Multi response: The test-taker can select 1+ options from the list.
Multiple Choice Test Maker

This guide shows you how to create a multiple choice, single response using the single choice question type.

How to create a multiple choice quiz - with a single response only

  1. Login to your FlexiQuiz account
  2. From your main dashboard, press Create Quiz
  3. Enter a name for your test and press Create Quiz
  4. Press Add Item and select Question from the drop-down menu
  5. Next to Question Type, choose Single Choice (Radio Button) or Single Choice (Drop Down)

    Test-takers will be able to select one answer option from the choices you provide

    Important! Do not select the multiple-choice question type as this allows test-takers to choose multiple answer options.

  6. Add your question, statement, or multiple choice challenge in the Question box

    If you have a paid plan, the question can include text, images, video, audio, tables, charts, GIFs, mathematical equations, and downloadable documents.

  7. Add your answer choices in the Option boxes - you can only add one answer option to each box
  8. To add more answer choices press, Add Option

    Important! Check the Correct box next to the the right answer option. This enables the FlexiQuiz system to mark and score the quiz for you automatically.

  9. Choose how you would like to score the quiz
  10. Assign any rules to the question such as,

    Required: the question must be answered before the test-taker can submit their responses

    Set categories: add the question to a category within the question bank

    Show question feedback: share feedback based on the participant's response

    Randomize options: each time the quiz starts, FlexiQuiz will automatically shuffle the answer options

  11. Once you are happy with the question, press Save
  12. Repeat steps 4 to 11 to add more multiple-choice questions to the page

    Paid plan members can add unlimited questions to a quiz. Free plan members can add up to 10 items for each quiz.

  13. Publish and distribute your online test

This image shows an example of how single choice questions can look to test-takers.

All single choice quizzes are instantly marked and scored by FlexiQuiz based on the rules you set. The respondent's data is available on your Analyze dashboard.

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Multiple Choice Test Maker Word


Multiple Choice Test Maker