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  1. Today, when a patient receives a medical diagnosis, one of the first things they do is.
  2. A new measure of coping, the Pain Coping Questionnaire (PCQ), is presented and validated in two studies of children and adolescents. Factor analyses of data from healthy children and adolescents supported eight hypothesized subscales (information seeking, problem solving, seeking social support, positive self-statements, behavioral distraction, cognitive distraction, externalizing.
  3. Strategies such as meditating or listening to music, thinking positive thoughts about the pain problem, engaging in behaviors to pace activity (for example, going a little slower or taking breaks) in order to accomplish tasks, and coping with pain by talking to or getting together with a.

General description: The coping strategy questionnaire. (CSQ), (Rosenstiel & Keefe ) in its original version consists of 50 items assessing patient self rated. We present a study with the aim of investigating the internal consistency and reliability of a Swedish version of the Coping. Strategies Questionnaire (CSQ). We present a study with the aim of investigating the internal consistency and reliability of a Swedish version of the Coping Strategies.

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Chronic Pain Self-Management If you have chronic pain, difficult days are inevitable. Coping strategies range from meditation to watching a funny movie. One of the hardest things to accept may be that there is no cure for your pain. While there are lifestyle changes and medications that can lessen the severity of.

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Alternative ways of assessing model fit. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Development and preliminary validation. The translated versions were submitted to an expert committee of bilingual Italian and English speaking clinicians, methodologists, psychometricians and the translators.

Results of confirmatory factor analysis of the factorial validity of the Coping Strategies Questionnaire — Revised. Browne MW, Cudeck R. Journal List Pain Res Manag v.

Therefore, it appears to be crucial to identify the cognitive factors that may promote adaptive functioning despite the presence of pain, such as coping strategies ie, the use of cognitive and behavioural techniques to manage stressful eventsbecause these can help to explain differences in adjustment among subjects experiencing chronic pain, determine cognitive strengths and weaknesses, identify treatment targets and predict outcomes 2.

Validity of the Sickness Impact Profile Roland as a measure of dysfunction in chronic pain patients. The sociodemographic characteristics of the participants are presented in Table 1. The meaning of the original items was adequately captured by the idiomatic translation of the CSQ-Revised. Coping with chronic pain: Cross-cultural adaptation, reliability, validity and sensitivity to change. Scand J Behav Ther. The CSQ-Revised was initially administered to 50 patients with chronic nonspecific pain to probe what was meant by each item csqq the chosen response.

Catastrofismo 1718192021 The patients were strategkes about any problems they encountered and all of the data were checked for missing or multiple responses. Empirical dimensions of coping in chronic pain patients: Assessing depressive symptoms across cultures: This was an point rating scale ranging from 0 no pain at all to 10 the worst imaginable pain Translations of the CSQ have been validated and allow comparisons among different populations and countries 9 — The adapted questionnaire is reproduced questionnaure Appendix 1.

All of the questions were well accepted. Our internal consistency was satisfactory, thus confirming the extent to which the items assessed the same construct. The clinical and sociodemographic findings are largely consistent with those found by the original developers of the CSQ-Revised, being representative of subjects with chronic pain 67.

Cut-off criteria for fit indexes in covariance structure analysis: The factor structure of the Coping Strategies Questionnaire. This item questionnaire measures the use of strategies for coping with pain by assessing six domains: Reliability of the Swedish version of the CSQ.

Pain Coping Strategies Questionnaire Pdf Free Printable


The authors thank Kevin Smart for his help in preparing the English version of the manuscript. Italian validation of the CES-D self-rating scale. The CSQ-Revised was completed in Ignorare le sensazioni dolorose: Other outcome measures Numerical Rating Scale: The Italian version questilnnaire introduced, which has been shown to be reliable and valid Test-retest reliability was investigated by administering the CSQ-Revised to the same subjects after seven days to avoid the natural fluctuations in symptoms associated with memory effects.

The median duration of pain was 24 months range three to months.

Pain Coping Strategies Questionnaire Pdf Free

The Coping Strategies Questionnaire: The aim of the present study was to describe the cultural adaptation of the CSQ-Revised and its validation in a large sample of subjects with chronic pain to enable its use in Italian-speaking subjects in Italy and abroad. There were females The aim was to ensure the Italian version reflected the same item content as the original version and was conceptually equivalent.

Coping Strategies Questionnaire (CSQ)

Analytical scale properties Acceptability: First, its cross-sectional design means that significant correlations should not be confused with causal copong. However, the CSQ-Revised version has yet to be adapted and psychometrically analyzed in Italian subjects, thus limiting the opportunities for researchers and clinicians to share the validated outcomes of chronic pain patients.

Pain Coping Strategies Questionnaire Pdf Free Download

A CFA was performed and each of the items was specified to load on its respective subscale as originally hypothesized 78. It can be recommended for use in chronic pain research and csw pain assessments.

Pain Coping Strategies Questionnaire Pdf FreePain coping questionnaire

Coping Strategies Questionnaire (CSQ)

The Italian version of the CSQ-Revised confirmed the factor structure of the original English version and showed good psychometric properties. CSQ-Revised This item questionnaire measures the use of strategies for coping with pain by assessing six domains: The expert committee re-evaluated all of the findings, although no further adjustment was required. Center for Epidemiological Studies — Depression scale: Robinson et al 7.

Pain management questionnaire pdf

A total of patients were invited to participate, of whom accepted, resulting in a response rate of The inclusion criteria were:

Pain Coping Strategies Questionnaire Pdf Free Printable

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