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Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks Guide

Ridgeway grandfather clocks are considered to be one of the most iconic clock styles in the world. These highly prized clocks are valued for their elegance, classic style and their high quality.

The following guide will help you learn more about the history of these exemplary clocks, along with important information about identifying Ridgeways and setting them.

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If a clock has a serial number it is usually stamped on the back plate of the movement. Listed below are manufacturers that used serial numbers. If you can find a serial number on your clock, you may be able to find the year in which it was made. Click on the link to see the dating charts. Ridgeway Clocks - not only America 's oldest Grandfather Clock brand but America 's most innovative. Proudly still made by Americans for the World. We are a factory Authorized Ridgeway Clock Distributor with free delivery available and the cont. Please call us at 1-866-402-8714 toll free for any product information or pricing.

Ridgeway Clock History. The Ridgeway grandfather clock story is one many decades in the making. The start of this clock making business dates back to 1920’s America when the annual salary was $1,236 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 100. World War I had been over for several years and America was working to hit their stride once more. Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks By Serial Numberinstmank DOWNLOAD ridgeway grandfather clocks serial numberridgeway grandfather clock model number locationridgeway grandfather clock serial number lookup 0fea0b1dc0 Ridgeway Grandfather clock movements- features and chimes.

Ridgeway Grandfather Clock History

Ridgeway grandfather clocks have a history which dates all the way back to 1926. In 1926, however, the company was not called Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks. Instead, it was the Gravely Furniture Company. Of course, this company offered a variety of furniture pieces in addition to tall grandfather clocks. For around 35 years, the company built a reputation for fine furniture and beautiful tall case clocks.

It wasn’t until 1960 that the company decided to shelve its furniture production and instead focus entirely on producing grandfather clocks. For that period, Ridgeway held its own as a great clock maker. Of course, even competitors recognized Ridgeway for their fine clock making. Both their movements and cases came highly rated.


In 1986, the Gravely Furniture Company was sold to another company, the Pulaski Furniture Corporation. At this point, the Pulaski company began calling the specific elegant, tall clocks originally produced by the Gravely company “Ridgeway grandfather clocks.” Thus, these “Ridgeway clocks” earned a reputation for their beauty and style.

Today, a Michigan-based company called Howard Miller Clock Company owns the rights to produce Ridgeway grandfather clocks. So, you can still purchase Ridgeway today.

How to Identify Your Ridgeway Grandfather Clock

The best way to identify your Ridgeway grandfather clock is to look for a serial number. The serial number will usually be located on a plate or foil-based label.

These labels can be found on the back of the clock, on the interior door of the clock, or even inside the clock’s interior rails. In some cases, the label with the serial number will be placed inside the interior section of the clock’s back panel; if this is the case, access is a bit difficult and must be done carefully.

Once you have sound the serial number, you will be able to find out when the Ridgeway grandfather clock was manufactured. For example, if the serial number on the Ridgeway grandfather clock starts with “89,” this means that the clock was made in 1989.

If you still aren’t sure when your clock was made, you can contact the company and inquire about relevant information. You can also search online for Ridgeway grandfather clocks to look for photos and other information that will help you identify your specific clock.

Ridgeway Clock Models

Ridgeway clocks include multiple styles and models of tall case clocks. Of course, most feature solid wood construction. So, you may find oak Ridgeway clocks, cherry Ridgeway clocks and a few mahogany case clocks.

Nearly all vintage Ridgeway clocks feature glass in the doors. Obviously, this helps show off the beautiful pendulum and weights that make the clock function. In fact, Ridgeway made some clocks that feature built in curio shelves as well.

As far as style goes, most tall case clocks by Ridgeway feature traditional designs. So, you likely will notice many vintage Ridgeway clocks feature a broken arch pediment with central finial. However, certain clocks also have a rounded or beveled top. Certain special clocks also have inlaid designs along the top and sides.

Finally, Ridgeway Clock faces tend to have beautiful detail as well. Of course, most feature metal designs, with shiny brass or silver plated filigree. Others have fancy painted designs. And, a few even feature a moon dial in the face.

How to Set Your Ridgeway Grandfather Clock

Setting a statuesque Ridgeway grandfather clock may seem imposing, but they are actually simple to set up. even for people who have never owned this type of clock before. The following is a simple two-part step by step guide that will help you understand how to set your traditional Ridgeway grandfather clock.


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Step One: Open the front glass door

First, you need to unlock the front glass door on your grandfather clock. This will allow you to readily access the clock’s face and hands. On some models, this will require opening the entire front panel; on other models, it will be a small “window” in front of the clock piece itself.

Step Two: Rotate the minute hand

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Next, gently rotate the minute hand of the clock to the desired time; only rotate the minute hand, the hour hand will follow along once you have begun rotating. Shut the door when you are done–and that’s it!

Ridgeway Clock Repair

As with anything with many mechanical parts, Ridgeway tall clocks usually require attention from time to time. Regular oiling can help keep your clock in good repair.

However, sometimes, especially with moving tall case clocks, gears can move, chains can come loose or you can experience faulty time-telling.

Obviously, these mechanical clocks require some professional help. The Ridgeway website has a place where you can locate a service-person that can help clean and fix your tall clock. After all, it is important to keep your investment in tip-top shape for future generations.

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Remember to keep the above information in mind when purchasing or handling your Ridgeway grandfather clock.