Romanian Vz 24 Serial Numbers

Romanian Vz 24 Serial Numbers
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Could anyone provide some information regarding a Romanian VZ 24 (ZB). I purchased one recently, but I am not entirely certain about its history. There is no year or crest on the receiver. The only marks are the serial number (UR21XXX), the CM mark (which I was told was placed on imports accepted by Romania), and the manufacturer's marks: Zbrojovka Brno, A.S. V.Z.24. The claim made by the dealer was that the crest was scrubbed by the Romanians in 1947. That this happened makes sense, of course. The claim that this rifle was rearsenaled by the Russians does not. The mettal shows some wear, but it has clearly been reblued, and all parts electropencilled to match the receiver. The handguard seems original, but the stock looks new and appears to be made from a different wood. Intrestingly, the stock has a tiny cartouche, which resembles the emblem on the slovak flag (double cross atop three hills). Furthermore, I cannot identify the origin of the sling, which incidentally, does not seem to go with the VZ 24. My main question is, who rearsenalled this rifle? Was it really the Russians? If so, how would they have acquired it after 1947? How come the stock is new but not the handguard? I look forward to hearing input on the history of VZ 24's. Thanks.

Romanian Vz-24 Serial Numbers


Romanian Vz 24 Serial Numbers

The bolt has a force matched serial number added by Romania. As said, the stock is a replacement. The barrel also looks like a replacement. It was made in 1940, rebuilt post WWII by Romania, and has the remains of a King Carol crest showing. It's a fine example of a Romanian rebuilt VZ24. Too bad they had to scrub the crest. Romanian VZ-24 Mauser with the crest of King Carol follow up and survey. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. I'm all stoked, got a VZ24 today! Kind of rough looking, non-matching, bolt serial number is I believe a Romanian number. Anyway, here's a couple quick and dirty pictures of the rifle just out of the box. 9a27dcb523 The vz. 24 rifle is a bolt-action carbine designed. A rifle with a 550 mm. Romanian-contract vz. 24 showing the serial number prefaced with the 'XR' code.HP Update Software hp-contact-secondary. Enter a serial number or product number. For Samsung Print products, enter the M/C or Model Code found on the product.

Vz 24 Serial Number Lookup

You can try to see if your serial numbers can match within the range of the data he has listed for 'Romanian VZ-24' or if that doesn't work, email him with your data and ask if he knows. Beetle Bailey, Jan 20, 2004.