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  • Brings your pages alive with Scripture.
  • Absolutely free! No catch! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to read the word of God, specifically, the King James Bible. Providing verse text for all Scripture references removes any excuse not to look up the verses.
  • A single line of JavaScript is all you need to add to your page(s). See below.
  • No database or server-side files to mess with. The Bible database and PHP code used to generate the verse text display runs on our servers, and the JavaScript is hosted here, too.
  • For advanced users: the popup can be styled with CSS to match your site's color theme.
  • Safe on mobile. We've recently re-designed the code to be more user-friendly with touch input. Tooltip-style pop-ups do not work well with touch input and small displays, so VerseClick will just open a new tab with the Bible chapter text when the link is tapped.
  • Lightweight. One 14KB .js file with no dependencies. Verse text is only retrieved from the server when the user holds the pointer over a link.
  • Best practices: VerseClick grabs verse text content over a secure https:// connection and uses rel='noopener' attributes in the links for performance and security.
  • It does not attempt to link verses in <H1> to <H4> heading tags, nor does it change existing links. Also, in order to avoid false-positive matches, only full Book-Chapter-Verse citations are linked.
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Scripture Pop Up Tool For Sale

Bible verse popup free download - Bible Verse, Vible, Verse by Verse Bible, Thru the Bible Verse by Verse, and many more programs. Apr 07, 2018 Every time when you start up your computer, this program writes the verse from the Bible on the desktop wallpaper. If you click on it by a mouse button you will see another verse and so on. This version contains 1000 Bible verses. These verses appear by random (but we know, that the change is from God).