Siemens Sintony Manual

Combined with the range of sophisticated Siemens detectors, the resulting systems offer the highest detection accuracy on the market and unmatched false alarm immunity.
Based around the central control unit and the LCD remote keypad, Sintony units are multifunctional, facilitating audio and video alarm verification, remote or in-situ programming and activation via PC, as well as alarm and event transmission using all common communication paths. Wired or wireless, the devices allow for further functionality to be integrated, such as door control or local video surveillance. Plug-in on-board and E-Bus modules enable easy system expansion, whilst communication modules allow for customised alarm transmission and system parameterisation and maintenance.
The control units were designed for cost-effective system installation and commissioning. The programming is easily done via the LCD keypads and the Sylcom® software for all parameters, so the risk of incorrect configuration is virtually eliminated.
All Sintony models and associated detectors, system components and accessories are tamper-proof, or have alarm notification to prevent damage or unauthorised manipulation.

Siemens Sintony Manual Pdf

Sintony is the right platform on which to build a cost-effective intruder detection system, which facilitates the complete security process including reliable alarm verification and transmission through the four pillars of Detection/monitoring, Control/operation, Verification and Alarm transmission.
The wide range of Siemens internal and external motion detectors, like E-Line (link) complements Sintony systems to deliver customised intruder detection. These include External PIR detectors, internal dual motion detectors and specialist detectors such as seismic and picture surveillance devices, to ensure the system is well suited for the highest security applications.
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