Snap On Wb260 Wheel Balancer Manual

I acquired an old Snap-On hand-spin wheel balancer machine (WB230/240) and am trying to figure out an issue with the motherboard (pics below). The machine is so old and obsolete that there is very little info out there. The balancer still works but the display will not show the initial settings when you change any one of the three potentiometers. HUNTER GSP9200 WHEEL BALANCER MANUAL. Wheel balancer used, hq automotive service. Snap wb260 wheel balancer. Gsp9200 series vibration control system, hunter engineering company, road force measurement, wheel balancer manual ebook. Hunter icc controller remote. Hunter gsp9200 wheel balancer. Dsp9200 product description. Wheel Measuring CALIPERS for all brands of Wheel Balancers. Used for measuring the RIM WIDTH which is a required input on many balancers. OEM / Aftermarket Interchanges: WB309011, 309011, 8309011, 110007, FMC 61123.

Automated Wheel Balancer

Automated Wheel Balancer



The B1200P wheel balancer with diagnostic functions for tire shops, garages and car dealerships with high tire service volume. With touchscreen monitor and automatic non-contact data entry. Unbalance measurement and run-out diagnosis are performed in a single fast measuring run.

  • Part Number: EEWB567AP230

  • Touchscreen with Advanced User Interface - Fast and easy selection of commonly used modes: spoke detection, match mount and manual mode. Large easy to see measurement results and bright indicators for weight position.

  • easyWEIGHT - Pinpoint laser accurately indicates the positioning of adhesive weight on the wheel, avoiding misplacement. Weight location is ergonomically indicated in the lower rim position.

  • Automatic Inputs - Optical scanners automatically measure the wheel. The scanners recognize the wheel type/edge. Correct weight type and size shown to aid productivity.

  • Automatic Balance Measurement - In approximately eight seconds, the color display shows the location of any imbalance and identifies the optimal tape or clip-on weight location.

  • Automatic Behind the Spoke Weight Placement - A laser indicates the exact weight location behind the spoke.

  • Patented Automatic Power Clamp - Electromechanically clamps the wheel accurately with a constant force reducing the opportunity for chasing weight.

  • LED Wheel Lighting - The B1200P wheel balancer comes with a bright LED lighting system and facilitates rim cleaning and aids in the weight positioning process.

  • Stop-in-Position feature where the operator only has to touch the amount of unbalance on the screen and the wheel is automatically indexed to correction position

  • EZ-Collets Mobile App helps service technicians identify the best tools for their wheel balancing procedures. Using the mobile app, service professionals can find the best collet, flange, or quick plate for a wheel balancing job by selecting the vehicle and comparing the options and benefits of each tool. The app also provides information about the tire and rim for the selected vehicle and is free to download through the Apple and Google stores - email activation required.

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Snap On Wheel Balancer Wb240

Wb260WheelLets start with this gem. It's the user/owner's manual for the Snap-on WB240 and WB230 Hand Spin Computer Wheel Balancer. Includes parts list and calibration instructions. 11 pages. Not sure when this series of balancers was sold.

Snap On Tire Balancer

I got this from a tool forum member when I was going to pick one of these up -- alas, the seller sold it to his buddy a mere 2 hours after he promised it to me (and 2 hours before I could get there to pick it up).
Direct link - WB230/240 PDF DownloadWb260a manual
Or via Scribd: WB230_WB240 Users Manual