Starbound Re Customize Character

Editing with a hex editor is very straightforward but if you mess up even a single character something irreversible might happen. Edit: don't leave the backups in the same folder, as /u/Tyr42 mentioned the game tries to load everything inside the save folder as players and crashes if there's any files with a non-parseable filename. I can't caution enough to make backups in case you mess up in some way. Please backup your entire player folder before doing this just in case.

[Online availaability banner not functioning..go ahead and try se if there's someone]

If there are people online (sometimes people leave player online and go afk for a lot) and you don't get answer contact us in our discord server so we get a message notification...and our attention too.. usually when we tend to come and go leaving char open we miss the ingame chat messages please bear with us we're deply sorry if we can't read in game messages sometimes they disappear so fast....

Please Enable 'Allow asset mismatch' in the options' before procedding futher (if you already haven't)

Server Host Address: '' Server Port: 21025

No need to use no user and password, that is to recognize admins.

You need our mods pack to play on our server and Starbound version number 1.4.4

Mods (Last UPDATE 25 Oct '20) here

Unzip the file directly in Starbound's game folder root and overwrite if necessary (means you had one of the mods but outdated, overwriting it gets updated), if you still can't play be sure to check 'allow assets mismatch' in the options....the server should be playable if you install other mods...Though other mods MAY disrupt other player's experience or yours so be careful, though not all of them

Unzip them using 7Zip inside your Starbound Directory

Mods are required to download to play here since we are a heavily modded server, however you can request on the DIscord Chat a custom standalone version if you don't want to alter your Starbound Folder

We have a Custom Starter World with teleporters wher players have built worlds and wanna share them, you can freely add one of the with the vtm teleport mode included in our modpack (you can't play without modpack here as this is a heavily modded server but you can ask for assistence to make separate environments of mods if you don't wanna mix Mods ask to Cassiope(Nova) Admin in our Discord)

Our StarterWorld is still under Construction so please bear with us

-If you create a new character it will spawn in the Starterworld

Starbound character creator modStarbound Re Customize Character

-If you already own a character that had already spawned in a starter world you can reach it with FTL Ship Travel this way:

-If you have FTL Capabilities The Starter World Coordinates are as follows '710353777,-13389249' enter them in ur navigation console, hit go and it will highlight a Star named 'Gaia Morrass' at the center, warp there then land on the Planet Nr. V (Gaia Morrass V)

-If you HAVE NOT yet FTL Capabilities on Ship you can bookmark the Starter World with a couple of admin commands in Single Player mode, warp to the planet, bookmark the teleporter, go back to your ship, you should have it saved in your bookmarks for any problem or assistence ask of Cassiopea(Nova) Admin on Our Discord Chat

-Instruction How to BookMark the Starter Planet on your ship teleporter if you lack FTL in your Ship:

Go with your character in SIgnle Player mode you intend to boomark the Starter World...

Hit enter...write in the chats'/admin'[enter]

then hit [ENTER] and again type: '/warp CelestialWorld:710353777:-13389249:33512123:11'[ENTER]

then again [ENTER] type '/admin'[ENTER]

You can now Bookmark the teleporter you get spawned to get Starter Planet In your Teleport bookmarks and return to ship, save and return to multiplayer with the bookmarks on your player

Starbound Re Customize Character


I'm Still Listing here the Planets which contain Structrures for the time being due to the Starter World being under developement

#Star System #1 Gath Memvar Threshold (710353767,-13389252)

1 Planet:

Nr.7 (Gath Memvar VII Terrestrial)

There's a condo multi-floors built with spaces available built too and a subway,l, the subway is done need just to adjust the circuitry to make a fully functional stop systems.

Star System #2 Ichora (710353730,-13389283)

2 Planets:

n.3 (Ichora III terrestrial) [email protected] (Михаил) started building a town village here

n.4 (Ichora IV Ocianic) - there's an underwater base under construction, feel free to add some of your own fantasy ^^

Star System #3 Coronae Rim (710353717,-13389264)

1 Planet:

n.2 (Coronae Rim II Desert) I got a small house there go west from spawn point till you find a hut with 'no escape' spray painted on it XD ^^

Players, guys and gals feel free to add to the list if you want your own planet with your creation to be listed publicily thank you.


When you enter coordinate you get the star position at the center of the mapview but not highlighted)

you have to select it, click on it manually and select the planet (Numbered from DIstance to Star)

Gath Memvar Threshold its the name of the first star(and Ichora is the seconds star, Corona Rim third Star.)

Starbound Character Mods

If yougot any issue. contact me on Discrod(Cassiopea) or in game (Nova or Cassiopea I'm always online not always reading ingame mesages)

I'll give u a lift or solve your bugs ^^ I always answer in discord I carry it with me on my phone

Happy gaming!


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