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Surface Type Cover Filter Device 1.1.504.0 enables support for new Surface Pro Type Cover and Surface Pro Signature Type Cover. Note: - When Surface updates are provided via the Windows Update service, they are delivered in stages to Surface customers. As a result, not every Surface. Hi Guys, I own a surface pro 3 running on OS Windows 10. It's on version: 1703 (Os Build 15063.540). Recently my Type Cover Keyboard stopped working. I then looked at the 'Device Manager' to check the driver and saw that the Type Cover Driver is missing. This is probably the reason why SP3. Surface Type Cover Filter Device (v1.1.504.0) References. Learn about the terminology that Microsoft uses to describe software updates. Last Updated: Jul 12, 2017. I opened device manager and i noticed the only keyboard category driver i have is the HID Keyboard. Looking in other threads on this issue, it seems i should have a driver for 'Surface Type Cover Filter Device' or for 'Surface Type Cover' Does anyone know where i can find the driver for the type cover 4? Surface - Keyboard – 1.1.504.0 Prerequisites. There are no prerequisites for installing this update. Restart information. You don't have to restart the computer after you apply this update. Update replacement information. This update doesn't replace a previously released update. File information. Surface Type Cover Filter Device (v1.1.504.0.

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Hello, after 10/24/2013 (glitched update) my keyboard, volume etc stopped working. I did a full reinstall of OS and volume up + power button for a few seconds. Now volume button is working.
Type cover keyboard is not working only the damn touchpad. In device manager i have exclamation mark - unknown device and it was Surface Type cover filter device, however, i couldn't install a driver for it from a Device manager.
Sometimes install of the type cover filter device ends with error code 1 and sometimes it says it's installed (Tried manual and automatically from the internet), but in the device manager it still says Unknown and i am not able to use my type cover keyboard, besides touchpad.
MS totally screwed up my SPro2 with that update.
Any help would be appreciated!