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Mar 12, 2019 Download Tekken 3 apk 1.0 for Android. ProfileGuide to Tekken 3 GamePlay Tricks. By adding tag words that describe for Games&Apps, you're helping to make these. The graphics in this Tekken Tag Tournament are somewhat inferior to the PlayStation 2 version we all remember. In fact, the graphics more closely resemble those from PlayStation’s Tekken 3. In spite of this, the game is still incredibly fun.

Hello everyone, Today I am back with a new Android Game. Today I have brought for you Tekken 7 for Android Free Download, yes you can download this game free on Android. This Game only 250MB you don’t require more space to run this Tekken 7 game on Android. So please read this post completely for more information. Let’s start.

1Tekken 7 Download for Android
2How To Download Tekken 7 On Android

Tekken 7 Download for Android

This is PSP Tekken 7 Mod. You can easily play this Tekken 7 mod on Android without any problem. Tekken 7 is Fighting Game Develop by BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT. This is the seventh canned installment in the Tekken series after Tekken Tag Tournament 2, also the final chapter of The Mishima Saga Story, and was the first to use the Unreal Engine. This is released in 2016. Tekken 7 is a new version of the Tekken series. After Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament mostly peoples are like Tekken 7. In this mode, you will see full graphics like Tekken 7. You will see a new home background and a new character selection menu.


About Game Features

You will see 7 play modes in this game so let’s know it.

  • Arcade Battle:- Arcade Battle is a normal battle mode, select your character, and start to play Arcade mode and you need to defeat the boss in the last battle round for the win Arcade mode.
  • Story Battle:- You can enjoy all Tekken 7 characters’ storylines in Story Battle Mode.
  • Ghost Battle:- This is an advanced version of Arcade mode because Ghost and Arcade are the same but in Ghost Mode, you will see some new missions and new Boss in the last round and you need to defeat the Boss to win Ghost Battle Mode.
  • Challenge Battle:- You will get exciting challenges of every battle round in Challenge Mode.
  • Network:- You can play multiplayer battle with your friends in Network battle mode and it’s totally Internet free means you don’t need any Internet connection to play Network mode.
  • Practice:- You Can Improve your fighting skills in Practice mode. Practice mode is the best Play Mode option to learn all Tekken characters Combos.
  • Profile:- you can change your character name in the Profile option.
  • Gallery:- you can customize any character in Gallery Option. You can customize like Clothes, Aura, Hair, and Eyes.

About Characters of Tekken 7 for Android

  • PAUL
  • LEI
  • KUMA
  • JACK-7
  • EDDY
  • BOB
  • LEO
  • LILI
  • LEE
  • WANG
  • ROJER Jr
  • LAW
  • NINA
  • KING
  • JIN

About Gameplay of Tekken 7 Android

  • Kicking and Punching
  • So many Combos
  • Reverse Attacks
  • Throw Attacks

Tekken Tag Games For Pc


How To Download Tekken 7 On Android

Free Tekken Tag Game Download

Follow all steps completely if you want to run Tekken 7 on Android without any problems.

  1. First of Download Tekken 6. The link is given below.
  2. Then Extract them because it’s in 7z format and you need ISO format file. So Extract Tekken 6 by using the RAR App.
  3. After Extract, you will see the Tekken 6 ISO file.
  4. Download PSP Emulator according to your Device like a PC, Mac, iOS and Android.
  5. Then Install the PSP emulator and Open some second and then close it.
  6. Then Download the Tekken 7 Mod Pack and Extract it.
  7. After Extract Copy the Extract file and paste it in PSP / Texture Folder.
  8. If your PSP folder not have Texture Folder so Create New Folder in PSP Folder and write Folder Name [ TEXTURE ].
  9. Then Copy and Paste Tekken 7 Mod Pack in Texture Folder.
  10. Then go to PSP Emulator and Run Tekken 6 ISO and then your Tekken 7 Game is Ready to play.

Requirements And Additional Information

  • Game Name:- Tekken 7
  • Game Size:- 250MB
  • Online:- No
  • Offline:- Yes
  • Genre:- Fighting Game
  • Android:- 5.1
  • RAM:- 2GB
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Tekken Mobile
Developer(s)Bandai Namco Studios
Publisher(s)Bandai Namco Entertainment
Producer(s)Landon Nguyen
ReleaseMarch 1, 2018

Tekken was a mobile fighting game in the Tekken series developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was released worldwide for Android and iOS on March 1, 2018.[1] As of February 2019, the game can no longer be played.


Tekken Mobile is a touch based fighting game that incorporates gacha elements. Players select characters to place on a team and face off against a team of opposing characters. The objective is to defeat the opponent by using a collection of 'Waza Cards' (a total of nine in one deck), which makes their character use a certain attack depending on the card's color. Each character has an elemental affinity that consists of either earth, fire, water, or lightning. The affinities give either an advantage or disadvantage depending on the matchup.

Players can upgrade their fighters by getting special fragments (common, to rare) which are bought in premium or epic packs using real money.


  • Akuma(Update and unlockable) (Guest)
  • Alex(Update and unlockable)
  • Anna Williams(Update and unlockable)
  • Asuka Kazama(Unlockable)
  • Bob Richards(Update and unlockable)
  • Bruce Irvin(Unlockable)
  • Bryan Fury(Update and unlockable)
  • Christie Monteiro(Unlockable)
  • Craig Marduk(Unlockable)
  • Eliza(Update and unlockable)
  • Feng Wei(Unlockable)
  • Halloween Dragunov(Update and unlockable) (New)
  • Isaak(Unlockable) (New)
  • Jin Kazama(Update and unlockable)
  • Katarina Alves(Unlockable)
  • King II(Update and unlockable)
  • Lee Chaolan(Update and unlockable)
  • Leo Kliesen(Update and unlockable)
  • Lili De Rochefort(Unlockable)
  • Ling Xiaoyu(Unlockable)
  • Marshall Law(Unlockable)
  • Miguel Caballero Rojo(Update and unlockable)
  • Mokujin(Update and unplayable boss)
  • Panda(Unlockable)
  • Paul Phoenix(Unlockable)
  • Revenant(Unplayable boss) (New)
  • Rodeo(Update and unlockable) (New)
  • Ruby(Unlockable) (New)
  • Sergei Dragunov(Unlockable)
  • Shaheen(Unlockable)
  • Steve Fox(Unlockable)
  • Summer Asuka(Update and unlockable) (New)
  • Summer Bob(Update and unlockable) (New)
  • Summer Lili(Update and unlockable) (New)
  • Summer Nina(Update and unlockable) (New)
  • Tetsujin(Update and unplayable boss)
  • Tiger Miyagi(Unlockable) (New)
  • Yue(Unlockable) (New)


The game's servers were abruptly switched off on February 15, 2019, making it no longer playable. Possible reasons for the cancellation was the negative reception of the game's expensive prices, and lack of revenue on the game's part. As a result, the upcoming new character named Taekwondo Girl (Fans gave her the name Shuwawei, but is not an official name) did not see a release.


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