Tikka T3x Arctic

Tikka T3X Rifles The Tikka T3x Rifles lineup combines the experiences of the hunters and sport shooters from all over the world as well as the long-standing gunsmith expertise of the brand. Tikka T3x series comes with a new modular synthetic stock with interchangeable pistol grips, a new and improved asymmetrical grip, a. The Tikka T3x Arctic is a beefed-up, scaled-down, all-around rifle designed for hard use by the Canadian Rangers. Now you can get one, too. Origins of the Tikka T3X Arctic Rifle Let’s say you want a rifle for your journey to the ass end of the world. Tikka T3/T3x Gen2 Billet Magazine - Short Action 3 Round - Blemished $ 69.99 $ 39.99 Read more. T3x ARCTIC Find your distributor SELECT THE RIGHT TIKKA RIFLE The rifle that Canadian Rangers trust When Canadian Rangers were choosing their new rifle, the T3x Arctic beat all of its rivals.

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Tikka T3x Arctic

Tikka T3x Arctic 6.5

Sep 15, 2012
Mojave Desert, Nevada

Tikka Rifle Arctic For Sale

Tikka has just come out with a new rifle in .308 Win. It's their stainless bolt action and barrel in a laminated stock with iron sights and a Pic rail - all for a mere $2,099. MSRP. Knowing Tikka/Sako pricing they seldom permit much of a discount.
When you look at this rifle you immediately think 'Hey, looks like a Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle.' And you'd be right. Both rifles come in .308, both have laminated stocks, iron sights and a pic rail, the Ruger's rail in front of the receiver, Scout style, and the Tikka's on top of the receiver.
Big difference is that $900. price premium for the T3X Arctic!
Thank you very nice but I'll take the Ruger in stainless W/laminated stock.
1. Savage 99 C .308 lever gun
2. Bartlein stainless 20', 5R barrel
3. Boyd's laminated stock & forearm
I haven't ordered the barrel yet (it still has the factory 21' barrel on it) because I'm trying to find a gunsmith who can properly thread the barrel (flat top threads) and machine the barrel with octagonal flats. Let me know if you have one who can do that expertly.
When finished my rifle will be a lever action in the Scout tradition.
Eric B.